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    Pinoy Web Startup

    Pinoy Web Startup profiles and tracks web products and services, highlighting those produced by Philippine and/or Asian web companies in the early stages. ...more


    Popgadget - personal tech & innovative lifestyle for women Popgadget is where style and technology meet. Bringing together the style of and the sensibility of Wired magazine, provides short reviews of new technology from around the world as well as news bits on health, culture and "general neophilia" with a twist is's forte. ...more

    Pragmatic Agilist

    Location Chicago, IL United States See map: Google Maps Non-zealot reflections on real life agile leadership, management and analysis practices. ...more

    Princess Sari's Geekdom

    I'm a walking oxymoron ... I ride a motorcycle, and have french manicured acrylic nails. I love to sing in choirs and musicals, and I play video games. I carry a Coach purse, while wearing a World of Warcraft t-shirt. I'm Pagan, yet politically somewhat conservative. I'm obsessed with the Internet, and I love the outdoors. I dye my hair black and have a tattoo, but I'm one of the happiest people you'll ever meet. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, but I'm always nice to strangers. Guess that just makes me who I am! ...more

    Productio Ad Absurdam

    A blog mostly about internet telecom technology, some politics and current events, some cycling and film, and other random brain bursts. ...more

    Professor Pat

    A teacher's perspective on the Women's Studies course Women and Computers.  Includes gender, race, and class perspectives, computer and web tools for feminists and social justice activists....more

    Programming Monkeys

    Ramblings about the joys of being a female programmer and owning a zoo of pets. Join me for my vehicle makeovers and tips on how to save a few cents. ...more

    Pushing String

    XmlGrrl Eve Maler writes about XML, digital identity, and other topics at Pushing String. ...more

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