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    Rachel's Ramblings

    An intermittent glimpse into the thoughts of Rachel Cotterill - writer & computer scientist. ...more

    Rants of a Warped Mind

     am an IT Geek and sometimes Photographer. I have wound up living in Charlotte via Chicago via Cincinnati. Wonder what city that starts with a C am I going to be living in next? I seem to have less and less tolerance for stupid stuff. Instead of trying to change things I just get distracted by shiny objects or even my own mind. Photography helps me be somewhat socially acceptable. Not that I really care but I know I need to. This blog will be my outlet for the thoughts, ideas and generally stupid stuff floating around in my brain....more

    rare pattern

    This is a more personal professional blog, if that makes sense, where I write about web design, technology, business and so on. I also write about things relating to Drupal but not really relevant or ...more

    Rashmi Sinha's weblog

    Rays of Light

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps The everyday adventures of a mum, shutterbug, and geek....more

    Reading Reality

    Ebooks are not just coming, they're here! Every Monday, I collect all the reviews for all the latest ebooks from the ebook publishers at Ebook Review Central.  I sometimes call my blog "Escape Reality, Read Fiction!" because I review a lot of fiction. I read the kind of books everyone loves, so fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, and stories from the places in between, like urban fantasy and science fiction romance, all find room in my reviewing space. Last, but not least, I'm a librarian....more

    Reason Creek

    Location Tucso, Arizona United States See map: Google Maps Blog created in 2012 by Nancy Hill on life, the universe, and everything that tends to focus on writing, technology, politics, and life once the kids are raised.  The posts tend to be progressive, feminist, and humanist and site and/or link to data sources.  This is a consolidation and continuation of much that I've written for previous blogs I've created and maintained since 2001.  I will also add pieces of net writing and "newsletter" posts I circulated before "blogging" became de rigueur.   ...more

    Redhead Business Solutions - Wordpress, eCommerce and other cool Webby stuff

    Learn about Wordpress, eCommerce, Newsletter, Document Design and other cool Webby stuff, including social media and how to improve your business online. ...more

    Reed What Matters

    Reed What Matters; Family Knowledge and Entertainment. Reed What Matter's gives honorable mention to those that are contributing to our communities, offers information on local events, reviews of places and products that any member of the family may enjoy and find beneficial, recipes, tips for the family, how to articles, family fun, policies that need change that effect or families, our family tidbits, and technical advise that will benefit a any person.   ...more

    Reinventing Media

    Those of us in online media are on the cutting edge of reinventing a critical channel for human communication. It's exciting, historic, and perplexing. Often we're so focused on problem-solving that we lose sight of our role as pioneers. Today's offhand decisions become tomorrow's precedents and benchmarks. My aim in this blog is to contemplate progress and strategize next steps in the process of reinventing media for the digital age. ...more

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