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    Teenage Love Affair- "Empowering your Future with Entrepreneurial Passion"

    Teenage Love Affair encourages teen girls to discover their strongest qualities, while learning ways to best capitalize on those unique traits. Entrepreneurship has the ability to empower, while building a portofilio for the future.  Girlpreneurs are what we need to become to take charge of our future and how we are misrepresented in today‚Äôs society. We need to discover our passions and pursue innovative ways to create change in the world that will reflect our true identity....more


    Tekrati Weblog

    Tekrati Weblog highlights the latest high tech industry research and offers community news and insights on the ICT industry analysts and their clients. Updated most weekdays. ...more

    Tethered Mommy

    Location New York (outside the city!) United States See map: Google Maps I'm just a small-time blogger, blogging along in my bloggy world.  I aspire to have bigger and better giveaways for my readers and just enjoy my blog.  I love consumer tech (think smartphones, laptops and e-readers), books, coffee and chocolate.  The preferred order changes hourly.  ...more

    That Tech Chick

    That Tech Chick is a lifestyle tech blog for the average women. Some topics you can read about include gadgets, smartphone apps, blogging tips, social media, family technology....more

    The Unofficial Apple Weblog

    A Weblogs Inc/AOL blog featuring pro bloggers Jan Kabili, Fabienne Serriere, Laurie Duncan, Scott McNulty, C.K. Sample III, Dave Caolo, David Cha ...more

    The 'mental Shaman

    A World of Warcraft blog focusing on Feminism, Mental Health, and other Intersectionalities in MMORPGs, Virtual Spaces and Geekdom. I also write about the Shaman class in World of Warcraft....more

    The Art of Project Management

    There are myriad sources of info about how project management should be done in the ideal world. The real world is something else. Projects are MESSY! From the minute the project begins all manner of changes, surprises and disasters befall them. Even when a project is carefully planned and properly kicked off, the plan changes before the ink is dry. Tact and diplomacy can only get you so far in the wild and whacky world of project management ...more

    The Average Gamer

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Video games news, reviews and opinion pieces from a bunch of average gamers....more

    The Bitcoin Barterer

    The Bitcoin Barterer is my experiment in doing odd jobs for cryptocurrency and writing about it. Though still in its infancy, I hope to offer variety and entertainment for readers as I navigate the new and frightening world of Bitcoin.  ...more

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