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    Three Pixel Pushers

    Manda, Bri, and Nda are the Three Pixel Pushers – three Lady Geeks making a living in one way or another by mastering the trades of web development, graphic design, and other things like that. The three met on a discussion forum as people often do, and became fast friends....more

    Thumb Gods

    A female-authored blog (with the odd guest post) on trends in the videogame industry, indie games, reviews, and commentary....more

    Thus Spake Zuska

    Zuska offers the web's most excellent and informative rants on the intransigent refusal of engineering and science to open their doors to anyone but white males. I verbally bludgeon morons, celebrate the fabulousness of techie women, and encourage every female to release her Inner Pissed-Off Woman. I’ve done hard time as an engineer and a scientist, in academia and industry, at the bench and in administration. I am a certified feminist. ...more

    Tonette Time

    life and art in motion. juggling objects & experiences. making art, iPhone apps and movies....more

    Tonya R. Taylor - Your Savvy Online Business Builder

    The Savvy Biz website is a the world leader in building businesses from start up to stand out using SAVVY online marketing. is dedicated to showing women-owned businesses savvy ways to use their website to increase productiviry boost promotions explode profits If you’re brand new to online business building, you might be wondering where to start....more


    Raising homegrown laptop at a time ...more

    I use this blog as a place to support my main blog, leading from the heart, as well as to post little tidbits that don't quite fit into the focus of the main blog but I still find interesting enough to document. The items usually have to do with technology, social networking, and literacy, and are generally made up of links/ideas others have shared with me on twitter, or facebook. ...more

    Travel and Positive Living is about traveling, exploring, celebrating, learning and living life!  Read about blogs on travel, books, food, technology, health & wellness, environment, art, photography, inspiring stories and just about anything that would inspire you to live a positive life.  :)...more

    Trending Mom

    Location Massachusetts United States See map: Google Maps Trending Mom, The Imperfectly Perfect Parent TrendingMom.Com is a reflection of the “trending now” factor in my world.  All trends, whether related to music, fashion, or technology originate from somebody’s opinion.  Rather than follow the latest trends, I believe in creating your own.  Living and working from your own center. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was very young...more

    Triumphantly, Jenny!

    The life of an NYC corporate librarian who reads too many books and drinks too many beers. Hear all about it. ...more

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