"At Home With Vicki Bensinger," In-Home Culinary Classes

    Teaching in-home culinary classes in Missouri for the past 17 years ...more

    "AUTOMATICALLY Make your Life Easier!"

    We try to write and give advice about the little things that really bug people -- organizing receipts, cleaning out your inbox, and controlling your shopping habits (to name a few). It's all aimed at making readers' lives just a little simpler. I admit we're just a bunch of college students from Duke University, but we're trying hard to launch a startup that will automatically organize your receipts, get rid of spam, and prevent identity theft. ...more

    "Bring It On"

    Compelling conversations for business and personal success. Discover tips and articles for personal strategies, business development, marketing, and spirituality. Attract your dreams and desires NOW with deliberate intention and action! ...more

    "Carly's Photography"


    "Classy & Fabulous

    In this blog, I write about my life as a twenty-something Southern Belle! ...more

    "DAGNY" A Memoir of My Mother's Life

    My mother, Dagny, used to say, "I was born the same day as an Olympian skater, and the same year the Titanic sunk (1912). Hope it's not a sign.” It was. But in spite of the highs and lows that Dagny experienced, including becoming a step mother to 5 children at the age of 24 and marrying a man twice her age, she managed to find humor in almost everything. When I came along a few years later, we shared many joys and tears. Together we found a way to survive the ultimate sorrow for a mother or grandmother—the death of a child. There are laughs and tears in this memoir as well....more
  • "DIRT"y Little Secrets

    A 2010 new year's resolution to become an "Ideal Homemaker" by organizing, cleaning, and completing my oh so many unfinished projects around the house!   The Rules 1. I have to work on cleaning, organizing, or finishing something every day of 2010 with the exception of Saturday (since that's the day we get ready for Sunday), Sunday (it's a commandment not to work on Sunday Dueteronomy 5:12-15), holidays, and vacations.2. I am to use the book, "The Art of Homemaking" by Daryl V....more

    Jan @ http://wwwbobbypinsboardwalk.blogspot.com/

    You have a great blog and it actually looks ...more

    "F" is For...

    Naturally, "F" is my favorite letter in the alphabet - with the initials FF, and my obsessions of food, fashion, and fitness, how could it not be? My friends know me as the girl who eats an insane amount of food (preferably meat), but is also dedicated to dragging her butt out of bed before a long day at the office to get in a good workout (currently addicted to lifting heavy things). I am the go-to person for a good restaurant recommendation because I have never steered anyone wrong, and I critique every meal like I am a judge on Food Network....more


      Our happiness lies within us......more

    "I enjoy food more than the average person"

    I love to cook food, eat food, watch cooking shows, read recipes for ideas/techniques - you name it! My life might revolve around food too much :)...more

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