What A Girl Eats

    I love food! I love to talk about it, think about it and now I'm writing about it! Fast, healthy and delicious!...more

    What a Trip...Travels from Northern California

    Fort Bragg - Come for the fun, stay for the food Chef Gregorio Garcia & Piaci Owner Cynthia Ariosta ...more

    What About Our Daughters?

    Was anyone else discouraged after Oprah’s Town Hall Meeting ? I think there plenty of us that are equally outraged about the portrayal of African American women in popular culture . Now we need to get organized. It is time to DEFUND THE WAR ON BLACK WOMEN! Period. End of discussion. This isn’t about artistic expression. This is about capitalism. People have a right to basically say whatever they want to, but I don’t have to subsidize it in any way. Hence the term “starving artist.” ...more

    What am I still doing in Cancun?

    Location Mexico I’m a singing, Salsa-dancing, American, 41-year-old mother of a Cuban-American Mexican baby boy. I am living in Cancun, and I am married to a Cuban musician. I grew-up in Michigan and attended Michigan State University (Go Green! Go White!). After college I lived in Chicago for about 9 years, and had two different careers, until I got the bright idea to move to Cancun. I met my husband here (although it wasn’t as simple as it sounds) and my son was born here in 2009. I would now like to move back to the U.S., but Papi ain’t havin’ it. This is my story…...more

    What An African Woman Thinks

    She describes herself as an African Woman thinking out loud ...more


    Location Los Angeles, California United States See map: Google Maps WHAT ARE THEY WEARING is your one–stop style guide, bringing celebrity style to you… everyday. We’ll show you what the stars are wearing and where to get their latest looks. Consider us your much-needed escape – a quick fix of style and celebrity brain candy. We want you to look great and feel better! After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a bit of celebrity? Women are busy making the world go round so we’re spread pretty thin....more

    What Are You?

    This is my little corner of the online world where I can talk about what it's like to be mixed, half-white and half-black that is. I'm a native Texan living in Tennessee, and have spent most of my life below the Mason-Dixon line, which gives me an interesting perspective on what it means to be a brown person in this day and time. Hopefully, this blog will foster discussion on the biracial/multiracial experience....more

    What Came Down Today

    Book 6 of 100: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Trish on February 14, 2009[edit] ...more

    What Could Be

    Graphic design and business blog brought to you by CouldBe Studios in Portland, OR. ...more

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