What The Muffin?

    Originally a blog just written in the voice of one single girl, What The Muffin is now authored by four girls in different stages of life. Humorous and thought-provoking, each girl has her own voice to describe her day-to-day life, thoughts, feelings, and emotions....more

    What To Do In Mount Dora

    Becoming a tourist in my own back yard!  This is a collection of stories and ideas on what to do in this little town outside of Orlando, FL ...more

    What to Expect When You're Not Expecting

    Fighting infertility, from surgery to IVF to pregnancy. Now expecting a little one in August. ...more

    What To Feed Your Kids: Our Gluten Free Family

    A blog about how nutrition impacts development and how a homemade, unprocessed, gluten free life can be profoundly satisfying--and FUN! With a ton of information on  chronic problems, such as celiac and autism, and a lot of tasty and kid friendly recipes, my blog, What To Feed Your Kids gives you research and recipes that can change your life. ...more

    What We Should Know

    In order to participate intelligently in our country's Government, Americans must be informed about the basic facts that make our Government and Society function. Politicians and the news media often start in the middle of a conversation and ignore basic facts needed to understand an issue. What We Should Know fills in the blanks that the politicians and news media do not. ...more

    What We Wish You Knew-Supporting Your Loved Ones in Infertility.

    What We Wish You Knew: Supporting Loved Ones in Infertility Our infertility journey has persisted the better part of 3 years and in that time, we've been through a lot of stages ranging from anger, to ambivalence, to acceptance. In that time we've also encountered a lot of well meaning "advice" and "encouragement" from friends and family that very often, is more hurtful or confusing than helpful. These are ...more

    What We're Eating

    What We're Up To

    I am a mother to 4 young children ages 6, 4, 2, and 9 months.  My youngest son has a rare genetic disorder that we had no idea about until he was 3 weeks old.  I struggle with daily life, but find it exceptionally rewarding at the same time!  ...more

    What Went Wrong

    Each day is a gift. A little box wrapped up with a polka dot ribbon containing a series of irksome events that I will catalog for you here ... ...more

    what will b | becky glauser

    adventures, tips, recipes, pictures, crafts, hiking, traveling, thoughts, fun! ...more

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