Wide Open Spaces

    This is my personal story journaling my life as a twenty-something God-loving newlywed. I was born and raised a Texan and transplanted to Arizona to take on a job as an event coordinator. I balance it all while trying to find the grace in between....more

    Widows of Warcraft

    I am a Warcraft Widow. I lost my husband to the "game" about two years ago. Since his untimely demise, I've joined the ranks of millions of spouses and loved ones world wide who too have lost their significant others to the "game". It is my goal that through my loss, I can help to support, lift and sustain others who are also experiencing this great sadness in their lives... ...more

    Wife and Mommy

    Rambling acccounts, vignettes and essays of my life as a wife and mommy...although I like to think I am much more than that. ...more

    Wife Evolving: Fitness and Nutrition as a Wife and Mom

    Wife Evolving is written by Kristen: army wife, nutritionist, massage therapist, personal trainer, and mother to one gorgeous baby boy....more

    Wife of a Sailor

    … deployments, PCSing and holding down the homefront– It’s a Sailor’s Wife I’m a small-town woman who fell in love with a Navy man while he was on shore duty in Michigan. And then I decided to join the Navy Reserves as an officer (still waiting on my commissioning). On March 21, 2009, we were married… just in time for him to return to sea duty in the great state of Washington. Without me. ...more

    Wife, Mother, Painter

    It is here in this place I lay down my art, my thoughts, my photographs, my bad poetry and my heart ...more

    Wifely Steps

    Hi there! I’m Toni and I write Wifely Steps to share my experiences in married life. I started Wifely Steps in 2003 as a way to help fellow newlyweds adjust. Over the years I’ve gone beyond sharing recipes and cleaning tips. Being a wife is more than just managing one’s household after all! While there’s a home to clean and dishes to cook, I also have a career to manage, relationships to nurture and my own self to take care of too. While I play house with my husband H and blog about the home life, I also work in the advertising industry, play video games, and do a lot of reading. ...more


    I write about my new role as a wife, living in Brooklyn, and doing a lot of eating....more

    Wilams Blog on Relationships and Life

    The winter has definitely arrived here in the Southern Hemisphere and I am doing everything I can to keep warm.However how to deal with the cold, miserable and uncomfortable feelings within ourselves that makes for a cold relationship is not so obvious.Thanks goodness I am learning to get warm there as well.As you guess that wasn't always the case. ...more

    Wild and Crazy Pearl

    When I am not busy empowering future generations of reproductive justice advocates, I leverage my status as a DC native (and expert Googler) to recommend products, restaurants, recipes, and shops (in addition to other things I find mildly diverting) in my blog, Wild and Crazy Pearl. I spend too much money on Itunes and at my favorite local juice shop, the Juice Joint. My favorite possession is the cobalt blue Kitchen Aid mixer I used part of my Bat Mitzvah money to buy (it is still going strong). ...more

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