Will it rain today?

    It's always strunk me as curious....what could possibly be so confusing about that simple statement? 'Will it rain today?' But there is quite a bit that can be behind those little words. Are you hoping for it, pleading it not to come, or perhaps just wondering the possibilities. Words are a funny medium that can be easily mistaken and misunderstood. Not just in a text based form such as this but in person as well. What sounds sharp and biting to one person may be taken as playful to another. ...more

    Will Run for Ice Cream

    Blog about running, fitness and balancing it all. Follow me on my running journey. ...more

    Will Travel by Foot

    While I often daydream about exploring exotic places in this amazing world we inhabit, each day of my life is an adventure unto itself. My goal is to help parents teach their children geograghy through a literature-basec curriculum. Join me as I share some of my travels through parenting, literature, food, and the far too occassional journey away from home. ...more

    Will Work For Peanut Butter

    My blog is about my adventures trying to be a healthy and balanced student.  Life is full of choices, what does it take to be a healthy balances student? Parties, homework, food on a budget, limited time, pure lazyness and the occasional running race (or two!). Can I do it all and still be sane? I also plan to talk about health, food, and fitness news that comes up....more

    Will Work For Shoes

    I’m trying to decide what the best part of my manicure today was: A. the nail technician doing a rush job (read: shitty job) on my manicure because they were so busy… B. having said nail technician stop my manicure every five seconds to answer the phone (27 women work in that salon…someone else can’t answer the phone?)... ...more

    Will Write for Travel

    Blog of Examiner.com's LA Budget Travel Examiner. willwrite4travel@gmail.comt...more

    Will Your Kids Eat It? Single Mom Cooks.

    I was raised in a traditional family with a working father and stay-at-home mother.  No matter what the evening had in store, a home-cooked meal enjoyed together around the table was always a priority.  This is much more difficult to do when you are both mother and father to your children.  In the United States, nearly 19 million single parents know just how hard it is to work all day, manage a household, and raise children without a partner.&n...more

    Willendorf Studios: Blog of Freelancing DOOM!

    Hi! I'd like to introduce you to my blog with a couple of clichés/platitudes/bad pick-up lines, because I can. 1. I'm not like the other blogs. 2. It’s not you, it's me. 3. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. 4. Everybody poops. ...more


    willful/joyful is a labor of love. Part baby book, part family journal, and part personal blog. Dedicated to documenting the silver lining, finding the joy in the everyday, and laughing at our mistakes from the very beginning. Regular features include book reviews. Began as a simple family blog (abctribe.blogspot.com) in March 2008 and moved to www.willfuljoyful.com in January 2011....more

    Williams Kitchen - made with love

    Williams Kitchen is a food blog created by R. Williams. The blog host numerous recipes from our kitchen along with other food-related posts. We believe that fresh, sustainable, and local ingredients make our food not only taste better but is better for both our health and the health of the planet.We are foodies at heart. The Other Williams is the cook, R is the blogger. Together we create some delicious dishes and fun down-to-earth commentary....more

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