• "If You're not ashamed to think it, You should not be afraid to say it"

    This is just random inputs from me about my life and how I feel about subjects. My attempt to find faith and be faithful. ...more
    It is all about being your Authentic Self!!more
  • "It's Always Something..." Stories of my pets, patients and adventures

    The Harlan Chronicles 1 Harlan ...more
    I want to write a nice note but I'm crying too hard. Lovely story.more

    "It's Daddies. Plural."

    We are Paul & Chris... and we became Daddies (yes, plural) of Kensington Grace on 12/25/2008. This blog is about two dads, gay adoption and life with our princess. You can also find great resources on adoption portfolios / profiles, gay fatherhood, gay marriage, politics, and other items that cross our paths. ...more
  • "Life, the Universe, and Everything"

    The portrait of a grad student. Where I share the joys and stresses of my progress through my program. ...more

    Sarah Hammond


    "Made by Katrina"

    I make art & craft out of paper, fabric, and various ephemera. I also write poetry, prose, and various fiction hybrids. I'm interested in green design, eco-lifestyle, interdisciplinary artwork, junk shops, flea markets, and more generally that space "between". My blog was created to document my thoughts on art, craft, poems and odds & ends of the everyday. ...more


    I'm a Mommalicious Mommy of 2 beautiful boys and married to one handsome guy. I love motherhood and wifehood, but I don't let it consume me so much that I lose myself in the process of raising my boys, maintaining a household and caring for my husband. I love to eat healthy and workout to maintain a figure any girl (even the childless ones) could be proud of, I love dressing up and keeping up with fashion trends (sweatpants are for workouts and pjs!), I love skincare and beauty products and most importantly, I love finding time to be with friends and have a life outside of motherhood....more
  • "Mommy? I'm Hungry!"

    I love to cook & bake, so I wanted to share some of our favorite recipes we have at home, with others. Photography is another of my favorites, so why not combine the two! ...more

    I should NOT have clicked on that :o)


    A pregnant woman with sweet ...more

    "My Voice" Weblog

    A Unique And Genuine Site. I Speak About Any And Everything Relevant To My Life And The Things Going On Around Me. I Write About The Truth.  ...more

    "Picking Poesies"

    "Using creative design, artistic inspiration, and scrapbook ideas to foster a happy life; celebrating the daydreamer in all of us!"...more

    "Psycho Super Mom"

    Musings on motherhood, aging, and sleep deprivation with a slightly warped perspective,from a harried mom of 2 boys ...more

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