Daily Shenanigans of an Aspiring (and failing) Super Mom.

    i have decided that the best way to use my spanish degree is to use it to feign ambivalence when my children misbehave in public...people will look at my children and i will simply act as if they do not belong to me and say, "donde estan los padres?" sure it might throw a casual passerby off that these children that i keep speaking spanish to when they obviously speak ...more

    Daily Space

    I publish a science fiction and fantasy webzine called The Thunder Child. My blog, Daily Space, is an account of the trials and travails of publishing such a webmagazine. I also provide reviews of boo ...more

    Daily Spiritual Tools

    Reflections on the many great and helpful tools I've found in seeking the voice of the God of my heart.  I post tools that anyone can use to meditate, relax, and get a closer connection to the supreme being within....more

    Daily Tarot Girl

    Daily Tarot readings to inspire and uplift you on your life's path!...more

    Daily Thoughts from a Parent Trapped

    Just because we stay-at-home-moms watch more Noggin than Nightline doesn't mean we are content learning only shapes and colors.  Sometimes the humor, trials, triumphs, and craziness of the day just needs to come out.  Read my blog to see how crazy, and sometimes down and dirty this little life of mine can be.  ...more

    Daily Transformations

    Location Boulder, Colorado United States See map: Google Maps It's the little things that come together to make a beautiful life.  Join me here for daily tips on love, life, relationships, health, food and positive thoughts.  ...more

    Daily Unadventures in Cooking

    Daily Unadventures in Cooking is a food blog written for the home cook featuring simple recipes. Originally started as a way to document and learn to cook, it chronicles my journey as I learn a few new things, create recipes, and have a disaster or two. All recipes and opinions are served up with a pinch of spice and a touch of sarcasm....more

    Daily Ups and Pounds

    Who’s the blogger? I’m a 29 year old, married, mom of three kids four and under who’s trying to get back in shape after gaining 60lbs (oops! – that’s about 35 more than recommended, btw) with each pregnancy. Outside of the blogosphere, I’m a business writer who dabbles in freelance photography....more

    Daily Vignette

    I am a natural light photographer living in the Columbia Basin of Washington state, which is prime ground for agriculture.  That’s a good thing since my day job is as an accounting assistant for a large farm, which provides for a variety of photo opportunities from planting to harvest, farm hands to machinery, and everything in between. ...more

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