I am a: wife mother Director of Children's Ministry seamstress embroiderer crafter lover of all things handmade and Child of the Covenant ...more


    Blog for those who want more from their current jobs, better work opportunities or a chance to earn extra income. ...more

    Dakota Thyme - Adventures from a Prairie Kitchen

     Welcome to Dakota Thyme. My name is Julie. I live on the edge of the prairie in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. My great great grandparents homesteaded in Dakota Territory in the 1880s, just a hundred miles from the home of Laura Ingalls – a ten day covered wagon ride in those days.  Like many, education and careers called my family to other places....more


    This is my online space for sharing many food inspirations and other creative inspirations as well (sometimes even the kids' inspirations)...to support every person who believes in "Healthfully Decadent" living, like I do. ...more

    Dallas Duo Bakes

    Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm the "uno" in Dallas Duo.  My mom is my "duo" because she is my inspiration and influencer in baking.  Born and raised in Dallas, I grew up eating a home-cooked meal by my mom every weeknight.  College is where I discovered my passion for cooking as I hosted weekly dinner parties for my freshmen friends who lived in the dorm and had to eat the dreaded "cafeteria food".  Since graduating and getting married, I now enjoy cooking every weeknight for my husband, just like my mom did for me....more

    Dallas Miao'd

    Welcome Y'all Now step off that little train of sanity into station Dallas Miao'd, my cozy corner of North Texas. I'm an single parental unit with teenagers, hence the occasional edge towards incoherent, garbled babbling. I post about whatever pops into this head of mine here; my personal day's happenings, news, recipes, where I've been, where I want to go; yeah, I've been accused of having blonde roots, mention it, and I'll send you to your room! ...more

    Damama's at it again!

    An eclectic view of 50+ years of life, 30+ years of marriage, and 28+ years of parenthood. All in all, it's been a sweet ride! ...more

    Dame Nation

    DameNation is a blog for go-getting women at 50 that want to laugh, share stories, and support one another as we charge through menopause....more

    Dame Wendy

    A crafty Upper East Sider writes about love, life, food, knitting, and the pursuit of happiness. She loves cupcakes, coffee and crafts. ...more

    Dameron Girls

    I'm a wife, a mommy, a daughter, and most importantly a daughter of the King of Kings!...more

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