G's Little Kitchen

    Cooking for family and friends is a passion of mine. Sharing recipes has now become my hobby. Easy to follow recipes, diversity in cooking and short stories about the cooking process....more

    Gabbing With Grace

    www.gabbingwithgrace.com ...more

    Gabby, She Wrote

    I keep my passport next to my bed, just in case. ...more

    Gable House Quilting and Designs

    I am Jennifer Overstreet and I am a blogger, a quilter, a quilt designer, a wife, and a mother. I write more about quilting and designing then anything else on my blog. I discuss topics ranging from tips/helpful hits to designing issues. I will throw in an off topic post every once in a while to show that I am not always a quilting droid.  My take on quilting is a mix of modern and traditional, even though I love modern quilting more. However, you will rarely see me knock a traditional quilt down....more

    Gabriellas Heart

    Our daughter Gabriella was diagnosed in April 2009 with a severe and irrepairable case of Myocardial Bridging and Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. September 25, just before being listed for her new heart, she suffered a left MCA stroke, imparing her right arm abilities and taking away her speech. She was listed in February 2010 for a new heart and got her sparkly new heart and second chance at life on May 17, 2010. This blog has transitioned from a diary of our simple life to a log of Gabriella's status as proves what a warrior she is. Please, keep her and our family in your prayers!...more

    Gadget Girl Tips

    Holan, aka Gadget Girl, has worn out many kindles, phones, and anything with an off/on switch while trying to find tips and tricks of technology. She’s the go to person for family and friends on how to get the thingy-a-bob to work or an opinion of the next great thing.Holan’s formal training includes a Bachelor’s in Technology with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a Masters in Technology.With an energetic spirit Holan knows how to turn techie speak into plain English, she’s hoping you’ll enjoy reading her experiences with technology....more

    GaGa Sisterhood

    A social network for energetic, enthusiastic, caring grandmothers ...more

    Gaian Tarot Artists Journal

    Musings & reflections on creating the Gaian Tarot, Earth-Centered Spirituality, Sense of Place (Pacific Northwest), Creativity, Living Green, Living Mythically, Wheel of the Year & More by Joanna Powell Colbert ...more

    Gaijin Housewife in Japan

    This blog deals with the being a housewife in Japan. Being a housewife is not an easy job, but in Japan it is an art form. I'll be keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest tricks of the trade, along with what's going on here in Japan. ...more

    Gail's Forum

    Location Canada See map: Google Maps Buzz...    “Gail's writing is frank, honest and raw. She tackles emotional subject matter without fear and, as a result, touches her readers in a profound way (Amy)“What I love most about Gail’s writing is how open and honest she is in sharing her experiences – good and bad – with her readers. Even when Gail tackles a topic that I am unable relate to, her writing allows me to see the world through her eyes. (Niloufer) ...more

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