I Came to Run

    Location New York, NY United States See map: Google Maps I Came to Run is about my journey through life, one mile at a time.  I'm a runner and a yogini with a passion for health and positive messages about beauty and body image.  My ultimate goal is to start a revolution through which we overthrow all the social institutions that tell us we're not good enough, thin enough, smart enough, or pretty enough to get everything we want out of life.  For now, though, I'm happy to try and help people find a healthier, happier lifestyle by writing from a perspective of honesty and sincerity....more

    I can be strong

    I have two wonderful kids, a great career, and I am a domestic violence survivor. One of my mottos as things got tough, especially after I left my husband, was "I can do this, I can be strong." It is my sincere desire that I can play a part in giving this courage and strength to others in the same situation by sharing my story....more

    I Can Grow People

    Aaron and Lori met in Maine, started dating in Connecticut, got married in New York and now live in Florida.  Together for six years and married for three, they just welcomed their son and first child into the world on April 15, 2009–a good 5 weeks before their little one was expected to arrive!  Now Aaron, Lori and their son Porter are enjoying life as a family!    ...more

    I can't make this up

    After being told by many friends that I am a natural story-teller and my stories are too funny not to share, I decided to take the plunge and get into blogging.  I enjoy sharing my take on life and things that happen along the way.  These are real stories about my life; I can't make this up....more

    I Can't Stop Eating!

    I CAN'T STOP EATING is for folks who are interested in engaging in conversation about the painful decision to go on a diet and adhere to it. Are YOU struggling with weight issues? Are YOU sick of salads and carrot sticks? When will there be a "chocolate diet?" Why hasn't someone come up with THAT idea?...more

    I Choose Happy Now

    Location Happy Town New Haven County, Connecticut United States See map: Google Maps I wear many hats, figuratively speaking.  I am a Mom, wife of a restaurant owner, CEO of Household affairs, Mediator of all things domestic, avid thrift shopper, occasional Ebayer, to name a few. In my many roles I have different experiences that have brought me highs and also lows.  I don’t want to talk about the downers.  I hear about them too often. It is time to pass on the happy messages.  “I choose happy now” as my theme because happiness can be as contagious as negative words. “I choose happy now” is also my mantra when I am starting to see...more

    I Could Cry But I Don't Have Time

    Amy blogs about the absurdities and antics of everyday life. She is the mom of a college student and a recent college grad. She began blogging to share the funnier side of parenting teens, which can often be a less than funny endeavor. Her blog has evolved into a place where people can get a daily laugh, take life a little less serious and realize that this ride we call parenthood should be savored. Each week her Time to Cry Tuesday posts take a break from the humor and focus on a poignant look at life –sometimes family-related, sometimes personal growth, always reflective....more

    I Could Sew Do That!

    Like a swiss army knife,  I’m a graduate student, full-time employee, part-time employee, snowboarder, mountainbiker, yoga practicioner, mom, dog lover, trying to save the world and myself at the same time. I’m chronicling my adventures in proving that less is more. I’ll learn to refashion/recycle clothes, prepare gourmet meals using as many natural/basic/raw ingredients as possible. I’ll learn to spend less, live more, and reclaim those things that are truly valuable in my life. ...more

    I Could Use A Deal

    Everyone needs a deal ! ...more

    I Count for myEARTH

    Animal and nature lover eco.mom and advocate of environmental awareness and education. My mission is to help others stay current on environmental issues—and solutions. Specifically, environmental issues that may impact our health and, more importantly, the long-term health of our children—at home and at school. I also want to help you realize that you can make a difference and an earth-friendlier lifestyle --living eco-consciously--can be done one step at a time. ...more

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