Jahjong is my made-up word I use to describe anything when I can't think of the actual name - "You know, the JAHJONG!" My blog is a diary of my life. It is about marriage, family, pets, loss and celebration. I started it mostly for me - then for family and friends - and now it is for anyone who wants to read. ...more


    A BIG Blog for small people. ...more

    Jaimes: Motherhood Makes a Woman Out of You

    Jake's Progress

    The low-key adventures of a lurcher in the Scottish capital. ...more

    Jambav Parenting Blogs

    Jambav is a world where we believe every child has UNLIMITED potential. And all they need is the right mix of care and opportunity to help them blossom right where they are! Yes, your child deserves the chance to be more than what he/she is right now! ...more


    Personal blog about my multicultured family. ...more

    James & Jax

    It’s a parenting blog, but more than that, it aims to present my belief that we’re all in this together....more

    James McPherson's Media & Politics Blog

    This blog considers issues related to the mass media and the political process, particularly as those two intersect. I have an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in journalism, history and political science, have authored two books, and am a university professor who teaches media studies, media history, and women in media. The blog is now two years old, with more than 360 individual posts. Among the highlights: In June 2008, a couple of months before either presidential candidate had chosen his running mate, I suggested Joe Biden and Sarah Palin....more

    Jamie's Precious Peas

    Location DeLand, FL United States See map: Google Maps I provide candid reviews on products for children, fun stuff for mom and organics.  I also offer giveaways and family friendly tips.  Being a mom of 2 girls and founder of a non-profit for kids with cancer I feel that I have a lot to offer to my readers. ...more

    Jamie's Rabbits

    I'm Jamie. I wear many hats. I am a social worker, sister, daughter, aunt, fairy godmother, friend, teacher, small group leader, and volunteer. I live on the hemline of Birmingham. I've also lived in Corner, AL and Atlanta, GA. I hate ladybugs. I love God. This is a polaroid of my life.  Without the shaking. ...more

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