• Janne's Jabberwocky

    Janne's Jabberwocky; the real time autobiography of an adventurous, creative, spunky, quirky (and somewhat opinionated), nature-loving, homeschooling, homebirthing, pro-life, quiverfull-minded, vegetarian, conservative, Christian, thirty-something, Southern mom of ten....more
    I just wanted to say hello because I saw you are a mom of ten. God Bless You!!!!more

    January One

    Is this your blog? If so, please claim it by listing your blog. ...more


    chan (japanese honorific suffix meaning something little or cute) jap (initials of an art and japanese pop-culture obsessed chick) contents ~ observations, tangents, digressions, and hilarity...read it or don't, it's all the same to me... ...more

    JAQS Studio

    Hi - my name is Q and I love all things fabrics, design and crafts.  I am the proud owner of: JAQS Fabrics and JAQS Studio - where I share my design ideas, projects and blog about all things crafts.      ...more

    Jasmine and Ginger - Notes from a Small Island

    I blog mostly about food (East and West), and occasionally about my life as a single mother on the small island of Cheung Chau, just off Hong Kong.  OO! And sometimes about my attempts at crafting!...more

    Jasmyn Cannick

    Jasmyn Cannick ...more

    Jass Richards

    funny bits and pieces by ex-stand-up with a graduate degree in philosophy...more

    Jaunty Gourmand

    Part-time adventures in food, travel and garden. ...more

    Java's Whimsy

    My Blog is a family blog....more

    Jave Joggers

    A blog about running, sometimes with others, sometimes alone.  This blog includes product reviews and giveaways....more

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