Kalilily Time

    KALILILY: from Kali and Lilith. Also, Elaine the fair, Elaine the loveable, Elaine the lily maid of Astalot, from Tennyson's Idyll's of the King. We are all both light and dark, and our shadowside is often even more powerful in our psyches than our sunny sides. It is up to each of us to get to know our shadows and learn how to dance them into a positively channeled personal power. ...more


    Kaliwood is about everyday life things (food, fashion, friends, event planning) but is now geared towards feminism and talking about strong women in career and personal life. Kaliwood is about empowering women, and letting them know they have the right to be independent and achieve their goals. A weekly feature is "Feminist Fridays" which discusses a new feminist topic once a week....more


    I'm a single city girl who recently moved back to her hometown in Michigan.  Kallaydoscope is my view of my world. It's colorful and intriguing and also, kind of a mess, if not always highly entertaining.  I write about everything from my newly found small town living, coffee, food, my crazy animals and beyond.  I love to write and so, I do.   ...more
  • Kalyn's Kitchen

    Kalyn is a fourth grade teacher, not a diet expert. But when Kalyn lost 42 pounds on the South Beach Diet, friends started asking for recipes and she decided to start a blog as a way to share her recipes online. ...more

    Hi Kalyn! LOVE your blog. My hubby and I are just starting the south beach diet, and I found ...more


    The life and times of the one and only KK. ...more

    Kandy's Kitchen Kreations

    A recipe blog that contains original recipes that I have created and family favorite comfort food recipes that I have collected....more


    Location Norway Norway Are you looking for a way to live a sensible green life without going to extremes? Kanelstrand gives you the tips you need to succeed.More and more people around the world strive to become sustainable in their lifestyle, mindset and emotions but feel entangled in deeply rooted old habits or get confused by too many contradicting advices. The easy to follow green ideas and tips on Kanelstrand are all about helping you streamline your life in a way that will help you live in an organic, eco-friendly and peaceful manner....more

    Kannada Cuisine

    Stories from an Expat Indian's American kitchen and regional Indian recipes.....more

    Kansas City Daily Photo

    Waldo Oiseau, 32, lives in Kansas City's Waldo neighborhood. She searches out the local flavor of Kansas City and posts images of people, places, and more to Kansas City Daily Photo nearly every day. ...more

    Kansas City Moms - Maximizing the Experience

    Kansas City Moms, Come learn and share tips, tools and resources to be a better, more balanced mom. ...more

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