Naptime Reflections

    Daily Musings of a Mama of Twins.  Living, laughing and loving 2 of the funniest little guys I know! ...more

    Naptime Writing

    Squeezing a few thoughts about life, politics, parenting, and writing into the allegedly spare moments in my day. ...more

    Narmatha's Thoughts

    A personal blog of my thoughts on "Elder care, Gerontology" and "Health & Wellness"...more

    Narragansett No. 7

    A blog that follows an honest, not completely average mother of three children, as she revisits past insanity and current child-rearing issues. Very well written. Sometimes heartbreaking and often hilarious with enough honesty to let readers know that they aren't alone in the world. Discussing the day to day of raising three children under 6 and living in Southern Maine after living and working in Boston and New York for 15 years....more

    narrating kayoz

    The blog of a thirty something left leaning Australian mother: writing, parenting, trying to live more sustainably....more

    Narratives of the Disengaged

    My blog was originally created as a vehicle for me to release tension associated with unemployment and the neverending job search. It is written from a personal perspective, but my stories are not that different from the stories of the many unemployed folks across the country. I strive to offer "real people" advice as I am not affiliated with the HR industry in any aspect. These are my views, observations, and criticisms. I am very sarcastic and is a recurring theme throughout the blog. A person has to stay sane somehow...right? ...more

    Nascar Fashionistas

    This is the trial and tribulations of 3 Nascar junkies. Here you will find our input in the crazy sport of racing and a bit of our dry humor. ...more

    Nat The Fat Rat

    Location NYC United States See map: Google Maps my name is natalie. i love crinkly old men and fat gurgly babies. this blog is where i capture the beautiful, silly, wonderful things that make our little lives significant. i love bagels & cream cheese, marshmallows & vanilla cones, and my tiny apartment in new york city, but i especially love you!...more

    Natalie Jost

    I blog mostly about web design since that's what I do, but I also happen to love Jesus a whole lot so sometimes I like to talk about how He's changed my life. ...more


    Location Lehi, utah United States See map: Google Maps Natalme is all about waiting for my husband to go out of town for work related business, tearing my house apart, not completing any projects before he returns, crying about said unfinished projects, and then watching him finish while I eat mint chocolate chip ice cream.I also professionally write ridiculously long run-on sentences.Just check out the blog, will ya? ...more

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