Jaffa (Yafo) is a small ancient sea port, today part of the Yafo Tel Aviv municipality. Until 1948 Jaffa was a Palestinian cultural and economic center. Today, it is a small community, where Palestinians with Israeli citizenship ("Israeli Arabs") and Jewish citizens of Israel live together. ...more

    O'Joy of my life...

    This blog is an amalgam of my life. Politics, food, parenthood, books, faith, kid-gear, web-search, random facts, you name it. I just love stuff, and more, I just love stuff I don't know yet. Join me as I explore this world from my desktop - I promise, you'll enjoy the time you spend here! Interested yet? You wanna know more? Come into my parlor, dearies and I'll tell you everything you might wish to know. I promise to include links while I'm at it. ...more

    O-town Ramblings

    O-town Ramblings is a blog I started to help clarify and express my thoughts and feelings after my sister's suicide death in 2010. I've learned that grief is a complicated, circular process, especially the kind of grief experience after a suicide. I've found that blogging helps me release my emotions and connect with others that are experiencing similar challenges. My hope is that by writing honestly about my experiences I'm helping in some small way to remove the silence and stigma that is still so common following a suicide....more

    O. Alouette

    I am a southern newlywed who enjoys crafting, decorating and learning to cook. I absolutely love a good bargain and creating things affordably....more

    O. is Me

    Well, hello there! Welcome to my crazy little corner of the world that I lovingly refer to as my blog. I started "O. is Me" as a way to document my 5.4 million obsessions and things I want to talk about. I love all things beauty (and that seems to dominate my blog posts), but I also love sharing recipes, and anything funny. I hope you find something around here that is mildly entertaining! So... sip a skinny caramel macchiatto and stay a little while!...more

    OA Librarian

    Open access resources by and for librarians ...more

    oak park baby

    Location oak park, illinois United States See map: Google Maps Welcome to the site for updates about jude and harry, a look inside the real life of parents, moms of faith, and the honest struggles in raising kids today.  ...more

    Oakdale Onward

    I’m Katie. I married my best friend in college, Jamie, and we live in a lovely old house in Cabbagetown — a fantastic little Atlanta neighborhood. In 2007, we graduated college, moved in together, landed jobs, and rescued a neurotic yet lovable dog within a matter of months. We were also planning a wedding during that time. Life on Oakdale Road was hectic, and this blog was born. ...more


    Living simple "rustic" lives in an urban environement and raising a family within that fabric.  Oaktownies, a silly juxtaposition describing the toughness of Oaktown with a yokel twist, that’s us. This blog is our story. Our goal is to blunder about in the world everyday living life to come back here and share the life lessons we’ve learned from our mistakes in a safe, virtual environment. ...more

    Oatmeal after Spinning

    I'm a 31 yr-old gal living in the DC Metro area trying to balance food, fitness and recovery. I cook with organic and local foods and love to share and trade tips and ideas!...more

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