Quirky Chrissy

    Quirky Chrissy is the sometimes nerdy, sometimes wildly inappropriate blog persona of Christine Wojdyla....more

    Quirky Cookery

    Most kids play with their food, but I never did quite outgrow it. You won't find any fancy equipment in my kitchen and my counters will never be spotless, but I have a blast getting elbow deep in my latest creation. And if it makes the kids smile, then all the better! ...more

    Quirky Deals

    Deals blog devoted to saving money with coupons, deals, freebies, and more....more

    Quirky is a Compliment

    It's my day to day life, but with a twist. It's hiking, gardening, DIY projects, marriage, school, work, life...all with a healthy dose of quirkiness. Come check it out. Embrace your inner quirky, because Quirky is a Compliment. ...more

    Quirky-Kitsch Girl's View

    Welcome to my view of the world. I dabble in writing, travel and anything promising bragging rights. Every so often, I have something profund to say. Enjoy the ride. www.QuirkyKitschGirl.com ...more


    The online home of the quirkyalone movement. Quirkyalones are people who enjoy being single and prefer to be single than to date for the sake of being in a relationship. ...more


    Quirkyalone: A person who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and generally prefers to be alone rather than dating for the sake of being in a couple. Economist: A person who studies how people make choices under constraints. QuirkyEconomist: a quirkyalone who happens to be an economist. So this blog is mostly related to life as a happily single woman, through the lens of an economist. ...more

    Quite Carried Away

    Location Tennessee United States See map: Google Maps I have the tendency to get more than a little carried away when I get excited about something. I can get quite carried away in fact. Whether that something is my family, cooking, sewing or crafting, you can join me as I learn new skills and hopefully create some awesome things or at least make some memories!...more

    Quizzical mama

    Quizzical mama is an educated and personal approach to the politics and philosophies of parenting, often addressing controversial issues, and often reflecting on different cultural values and practices in the US and my native Norway. Quizzical mama, aka Anne G. Sabo, Ph.D., is a renegade academic, writer, speaker, public educator and founder of the new online resource center LOVE, SEX, AND FAMILY devoted to holistic human sexuality information....more

    Quo Vadis Blog

    a blog about planning, people and paper ...more

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