R & S Evangelista

    met in atlanta . married young . moved to bostonlove . church . books . music . cooking . gardening . travel...more

    R's Oh My Stars.....

    Blogging about our life with four children, our activities and events, and the challenges/excitement that come with being married to a physician. ...more

    R.E.F.O.R.M. Talk

    We are adoptive parents that want to RALLY to stop the recruitment of children for adoption as well as to expose areas of adoption other groups have not. We want to reform a system that has been based upon industry marketing fallacies and is currently lacking regulation and enforcement. We will insist upon support for those affected by child welfare and adoption. We report news, commentary and analyses of all things in the child welfare, foster care and adoption world. ...more


    My blog is about my life, crazy thoughts, and food....more

    Rabbit Run Cottage

    Our home, our family, our life...with a little fun and whimsy thrown in along the way. ...more

    Rabbit Write

    Rabbit Write: Curiouser and Curiouser A blog that explores culture, sexuality, self-work, gender and feminism through the lens of philosophy, psychology and personal freedom. Rabbit Write strives to be a girls guide to living on the other side; through the looking glass, if you will. ...more

    Races Like a Girl

    Racing marathons at the masters level. ...more

    Rach's Blog Bite

    Wait, before we go any further- TRUST ME! There, I said it, we can move on now. Hot chocolate is one of those things that I can't live without. I drink it year round, forget just during the cold months. But after watching "Chocolat", {and cleaning up the significant amount of drool that is so obviously going to happen when you mix chocolate and Johnny Depp- HELLO, what are people thinking!?!?!) I became intrigued at the whole chocolate/heat combo. It took a while for me to get brave enough for me to try any choco/heat combo but when I did, OMG!...more

    Rachel B. Blog

    Musings on photography, art, design, style, and good times. ...more

    Rachel in NYC

    A twenty year old student living, working and shopping her way through a six month internship in New York City...more

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