Tales of my Thirties

    This thirtysomething woman talks about type 2 diabetes, anxiety issues, seasonal affective disorder, marriage (and her husband with type 1 diabetes), (mostly) healthy cooking, home improvement, and shows off her ferocious felines. What else could you ask for? ...more

    Tales of Ordinary Magic

    Hello, my name is Emily. Welcome to Tales of Ordinary Magic.  This blog arose out of my personal experience of transformation, and the understanding that regardless of what we’ve done in the past, we all possess the magic that’s essential to create the life of our dreams. That’s why it’s ordinary!...more

    Tales of the Domestic SuperHero

    A Domestic Superhero is unique; far different from the descriptions orchestrated by Hollywood. As far as her children are concerned, he knows all and she can do all; whether it's magically healing Mommy-kisses, or a royal coronation of the Potty Princesses, ridding the universe of extraterrestrial evils in the park. Does she see herself as her children do? No. She forgot to bake cookies for the class party yesterday, can't figure out how to add the PTA to her busy schedule, and not once has she seemed to remember the all important ...more

    Tales of the HavinsNest

    I come from a long line of storytellers and my blog contains the tales of our life. I'm a pretty good story-teller but I don't hold a candle to my brother. He, in turn, runs a poor second to our dad. The gift of gab is genetic in our family. ...more

    Tales of the Kids

    Parenting isn't for wimps.  ...more

    Tales of the Todd's

    Tales of the Todd's is a true life blog written by a Baseball Wife. Here you can find her witty encounter of a sometimes crazy, rollercoaster ride of a life in baseball. Be prepared to laugh, cry and experience every pitch with Erica. She is sure to show you a fun filled look into what it is like being married to a contender in one of America's Favorite Past times!...more

    Tales of the Wife

    The craziness of going green, raising two less than two years apart and dealing with instability in relationships and life. I'm a Chemistry teacher (former stay at home mama and science teacher before that), photographer and crafter extraordinare and cover a wide range of such topics with tutorials, posts on feelings, photographs from my business and everyday life, tips and information on going green and stories from the everyday me. See what's in my heart and watch me spread my wings. Hoping you'll learn a little something with me....more

    Tales Of Two Girls

    I'm Tessa, and the momma of 2 little girls.  Life with two toddlers is never dull! I blog about our family, weight loss, and my disasters in trying to be creative.  I live my life by these three principles: family.  wine.  carbs.  Can you tell why I had to add weight loss to my description? ...more

    Tales of Two Hills

    A collection of tales from a soon-to-be married couple as they experience the ins and outs of life through adventures and new experiences. The charming details of their home projects, new discoveries, and day-to-day happenings is documented daily on the pages of this blog. ...more

    Tales of Wit and Charm

    This blog is my story. My triumphs and failures, more of the latter. I discuss my work as a dating columnist, my adventures as an aging student and anything else that strikes my fancy. ...more

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