Take Back Your Table- A family Friendly Recipe Blog.

     TakeBackYourTable.com is a blog that gives ideas for fun, healthy, simple recipes to make for your family in order to enjoy more time together. I started the blog last year after the birth of my son in order to empower and encourage families to Take Back the Table, and enjoy the tremendous emotional, financial, physical benefits of eating together as a family.  The site continues to provide a great service for its visitors, giving them ideas for dinners, snacks, entertaining, holidays,special occasions and more. I feel like my blog is special because I try to take a laid back ...more

    Take Six

    Location Take Six is a spot where we enjoy meeting friends, new and old, over a cup of coffee. Three sisters (Tanya, Lisa, Paula) and a friend (Kathy) share our creative ideas, yummy recipes, and inspirational words....more

    Take Your Big Trip

    Take Your Big Trip is a resource of tips, itineraries, advice, and photos to inspire women to get out and travel, be it around the world or around your city. It's based on my two years experience traveling around the world to India, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia....more

    Take Your Medicine

    Everyone loves a smartass, and I love Lulu Maude! Well-written, funny, touching - just a microcosm of life, with some pointed political commentary for good measure. Enjoy! (It isn't mine BTW) ...more

    Takin Care of Twins

    I am the wife of a high school chorus teacher and a proud breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, delayed/selective vaxing, intactivist, eco-friendly mama to beautiful boy/girl twins conceived via IVF. I hope to raise independent, trustworthy, honest, kind, generous, loving, smart, dependable, funny, tree-hugging, hippie children. I'm also a graduate student, just trying to finish up my degree. I blog about attachment parenting our twins, green/eco-friendly/organic living on a budget, infertility, and just life in general....more

    Taking Back My Life - Making It My Own

    I have commited to writing my blog for one year... these are thoughts and true accounts of my life for my children, family and friends, to help them one day understand... why I tick the way I do.  More importantly, I am hoping to reach out to another woman who may be undergoing a tough time in her life or who feels she needs a friend....more

    Taking Heart

    Believer, Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, OB Nurse. I love my husband, my kids, my family, my friends. I am a sucker for sharing a hot steamy cup of coffee with a good friend or with my goofy husband. I love my job because it connects me with people, and people fascinate me! ...more

    Taking It On

    Taking It On details the return to running and fitness as well as the family life of a mother of 4 who was an elite athlete once upon a time....more

    Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a time

    I'm a mom who loves to cook and I'm taking on the challenge of making magazine recipes at home; without a sous chef, without a test kitchen, without an endless food budget. The result is the truth about how well a recipe comes together, how good it tastes, and how accurate the ingredients and instructions are. For those who want to know before they try, this is for you....more

    Taking the Kids

    Family travel blog with columns, tips, links, and blog entries all related to taking your kids when you travel. Written by Eileen Ogintz, Times Media Service syndicated columnist ...more

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