Twin Cycles

    Never once did they think that the universe would turn best friends into lover and eternal soul mates. Now as they are both take the TTC Journey hand in hand, loving, growing and learning about each other along the way. Thus creating a "Twin Cycles" ...more

    Twin Peas Blog and Podcast

    The Twin Peas blog is about bringing awareness to infertility, premature birth and depression. Three medical issues that people don't want to talk about. ...more

    twIN STYLE

    twIN STYLE is a personal style blog started by fraternal twin sisters living in opposite parts of the country who wanted to share their daily looks with each other. We have in common a love of fashion, careers in education, and a birthday....more

    Twin Tables

    We are Twin Tables: two twins, two appetites, two passionate cooks who share everything. Our names are Melissa and Denise and we love the sensory overload of food. The taste, feel, smell, look and sound of everything edible. Is there anything better in the world? We use each other to bounce ideas off of or to try new recipes. We are each others biggest critic and biggest fan. It is a great partnership, and one we are proud to share with you. Make meals, make messes, make memories, this is what Twin Tables is all about....more


    Musings on Life with MultiplesOur intimate documentation of being simultaneously smitten, entertained, challenged and ultimately -- twice blessed. ...more

    Twingle Mommy

    I am a mom learning on the job. I have a daughter and boy/girl twins that are 21 months apart who keep me on my toes. I like to write about the crazy things we do and what I'm learning as a mom on a daily basis....more


    Ramblings from the mind (or at least what's left of it) of a Mom to identical twin girls! :-) ...more


      Twinisms is a word I coined to describe the funny things that my kids say. It started out with my oldest son, John who says ridiculous things all the time. Those were called Johnisms. I quickly realized that all four of my children say funny things so I started using the phrase ‘Twinism for the day.’ Originally this was just going to be those quotes. But then the quotes needed explanations so it became a blog. I am not a writer, more of a venter. When you have two sets of twins you need to vent. That’s right, two sets of twins....more

    Twinkle In Time

    This is my journey as a young mom. It deals with depression, the 40 day Love Dare challenge, parenting, pictures, and whatever else is going on in the crazy thing I call my life....more

    Twins On The Go

    My blog focuses on the joy of balancing twin girls, coaching basketball, running a small business, non-profit and volunteer work and the most understanding husband in the world.  I add a touch of humor to common questions on parenting, multiples and green living.  ...more

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