tales of a brown-eyed-girl

    I am...a woman,a wife,a mother,looking for happiness. I like to write, I like to blog, I like to read, I like to play with my son, I like to laugh with my husband, I like to talk...a LOT. My blog is where I can put my thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, everything, out there for the Universe to do with what it will. I believe you make your own fate and that the choices you make lead you to where you are, and if you don't like where you are than work to change it. That's why I blog.I'm a work in progress...In the pursuit of happiness... ...more

    Tales of a Disordered Eater

    As someone who struggles with disordered eating issues, I wanted to create a blog devoted to overcoming this sickness and raising awareness of an often taboo subject. To understand how things got so out of hand for me, it’s important to know the background of my downward spiral into the world of disordered eating. I hope my candid story–now unmasked–will help jumpstart a dialogue for women around the world. ...more

    Tales of a Failed Crunchy Mom

    Imperfect mom to: Boy, Other Boy and Girl. A lifetime of missing the mark....more

    Tales of a First Time Mom

    The ramblings of a first time Oregonian mom. ...more

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

    Christmas Shopping At Age 11...more

    Tales of a Geeky Woman

    A blog in which I talk about things like books, video games, movies, and pop culture in general. ...more

    Tales of a Misguided Mommy

    Just a young mom trying hard to find her way. Raising two little boys and one big boy..errrm I mean my husband. I'm working to find out who I really want to be, or who I think I want to be this month and fighting with Bi-polar disorder and giving up liquor and pills, wait, don't go I swear I'm not boring. I love Apple computers and I'm often posting pictures of me doing ridiculous things. I love breastfeeding, don't believe in spanking, and am all for bribing with cookies! Come check me out! ...more

    Tales of a Mother, Musician and Multi-tasker

    Location United Kingdom See map: Google Maps Wife to P, mother to S (13) and A (10) and plaything to Arnold the Border Terrier! Currently working from home helping to run our own Health and Safety Training company.  Living in the West Midlands until life and fate moves me to Cornwall or somewhere equally as lovely! Feel free to comment Welcome to my tales of life, creativity and random moments x...more

    Tales of a Real Hollywood Mom

    I'm a mom. I'm an actress. I live in Hollywood. I do not have a nanny, personal trainer, chef, or a seven figure income. (yet!) You won't find me in the tabloids. You WILL find me teaching at my fantastic four year old son's preschool. Performing original sketch comedy at the famed Groundlings Theater. In the pool at the Hollywood YMCA. Eating at my husband's cafe. You may also see me here and there in movies, commercials and TV shows. Being a *real* Hollywood mom can be a schlep and a rat race. It can also make for some great adventures and hilarious moments....more

    Tales of a Socialized Book Nerd

    My blog kind of runs the gamut, hitting everything from life to love to entertainment and literature to current evens and the news. Mostly personal, sometimes emotional, always myself. I'm a single (sigh) and incredidbly busy 20-something that just finished my first bachelor's degree with double majors in English and Religious Studies. Come September 2008 I will push myself through two more years of punishment schooling to come out a victorious journalist (hopefully in radio broadcasting of some kind). ...more

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