unapologetic dilettante

    As an unpologetic dilettante, I embrace my tendency to flit, documenting my latest inspiration, destination, source of procrastination & requests for collaboration. Penchants include: food (artisanal) travel (off the beaten path) and design (shameless plug, triggerhappy)....more

    Unathletic Half Runner

    The life of a non runner! ...more

    unbalanced reaction

    Newly minted Ph.D. navigating the unfamiliar territory of a one-year, visiting assistant prof job before plunging back into the job market ...more


    A passion for life, love, faith, exploring art through textiles - this is what I discovered after my struggle with post-natal depression - a zest for life and people, that I had never felt before. Unbecoming lily is my place to document this growth as a child of God, woman, a wife, a mum, an artist, and just maybe, hopefully, share my new joy through art and writing and an increased awareness of depression. ...more

    Unboring Boys

    I've been drooling over Right Bank Babies's fall collection for boys since I got a sneak peek back in March. I love the sumptuous fabrics and surprising details that give their Old-World European-inspired pieces, like the jacket, above, a modern, irreverent twist (did you notice the orange elbow patches?). It's easy to see why owner and designer, Ellen Uzarowicz, and Lydia Dorsey, have been named best children’s designer by LA Magazine, which hits stands in July. ...more

    Unbrave Girl

    I'm a writer, teacher, traveler, improv performer, cookie enthusiast and big time scaredy cat. I've been living, working and traveling in Asia since 2007. I blog about living and traveling abroad... and, of course, cookies....more

    Unbreakable Journey

    Location Richmond, VA United States See map: Google Maps The Unbreakable Journey is a website devoted to those who live everyday with Osteogenisis Imperfecta (OI) and to those who wish to learn more about this disorder. Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) is a genetic disorder characterized by fragile bones that break easily. (OIF, 2010) It is our hope that this blog will become a resource for individuals with (OI), a place of inspiration, acknowledgment and hope....more

    Uncanny Goodness. Budget Recipes

    In 1966, Andy Warhol took a simple element like a soup can and pop art was born. This is my homage to canned goods. All kinds, not just soup. In hectic times we look for simplicity and convenience to inject some sanity into our everyday lives, especially at meal time. Canned goods can be an acceptable and economical substitute as well as yield healthy and flavorful dishes. Let Uncanny Goodness provide some inspiration the next time you find yourself hopelessly staring into your pantry. ...more


    Because I don't fit in a category and I don't want to, so consider me del.icio.us and just tag me. ...more

    Uncensored Feminista

    These are my rantings on feminist issues I find in the news and all around me.  ...more

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