Undeniably Family

    Daily account of our family and its workings to secure memories and generate bonds...more

    Under a Pink Moon

    Under a Pink Moon ...more

    Under a Red Roof

    I am a rather curious, mischievous, loving, and generous woman living in wonderful Portland, Oregon.  I write mostly about life (inside and outside of my head), books, cooking and baking, music, and movies, though I've been known to sew, craft, and generally be silly, too....more

    under a veil

    Location Morocco The philosophy of UNDER A VEIL is to encourage women to love and cherish their body by covering it. In our blog you will find inspiration to adapt fashion to your modest style....more

    Under Cover Waitress

    Location A restaurant near you. Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Musings from the front lines in the restaurant industry. Under Cover Waitress philosophises with humor on social issues from her humble position on the dining room floor.  ...more

    Under Sundog

    I graduated in May 2008 with a degree in print journalism, something my father says is marginally more useful than a diploma for horse-drawn carriage carpentry. But I took that degree and tucked it into its red leather carrier case that comes compliments of a four-year private college education, and I moved to Taiwan. I like garlic, karaoke and dirty limericks. If you know how to fashion a career out of these three things, please advise. ...more

    Under the Arch

    I started this blog when I moved to the city of St. Louis. I talk about my life, my city, my photos, and my travels. I am a student teacher who is interested in art, music, movies, and select tv shows. I write about whatever catches my fancy, and my four readers seem to enjoy it. One of my New Years resolutions for 2008 is to work on my writing and take it to the next level, so to speak. I am planning to attend BlogHer 2008 in SanFrancisco. I hope to see my favorite reads there, too. ...more

    Under The Georgia Sun

    Jodi's space to share faith, family, crafting and everything else Under the Georgia Sun!...more

    Under the Golden Apple Tree

    Sit with me under the golden apple tree with a cup of coffee and discuss faith, family, homeschooling and more.  Join me as I chase around my one year old, play Candyland with my 4 year old, teach science and math to my 9 and 11 year olds, take the dog on walk, fold laundry, forget to defrost the meat, and greet my husband with a sigh of relief that says "it's your turn."  Wow, that's a mouthful but my days are just as full!...more
  • Under the High Chair

    Hello! I'm Aimee, writer of Under the High Chair, young mama, and food 'gourmande'. After ten years in the professional cooking industry, I find myself cooking for my pickiest customer yet: my toddler. Since he scorns my efforts, I’ve created this blog as a necessary outlet for my creative cooking juices and to showcase what is ultimately ending up under the high chair ...more

    I love what you've written in your profile about cooking for your picky toddler, but you don't ...more

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