Waits and Measure(ment)s

    Location Ohio United States See map: Google Maps Waits and Measure(ments) is a blog that is helping me push through fears and obstacles to create a healthier and happier life for myself and my family.  It's to help me stop WAITing  for the right moments, or time and to just go for it!  It'sn to help me find the thigs that are really important when it comes to MEASURE(ment)S.  Not just numbers on a tape measure or scale. ...more

    Wake Up, Juliet

    Personal/budding business blog that touches on topics ranging from photography to starting a business to everyday goings on....more

    Wake-Up Call Coaching

    Wake-Up Call Coaching is dedicated to waking people up to the truth about how fabulous they are. We utlize success coaching and life coaching tools to empower people to open their eyes to the happiness that exists right in this very moment. Join our community of like-minded powerhouses at: http://www.wakeupcallcoaching.com. And check out the FREE Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series featuring the most respected women experts of our time at http://www.thewomenmasters.com     ...more

    Waking Sophie- Our Journey through the Biomedical Treatment of Autism

    This is our my blog about treating my daughter for autism using biomedical methods including the gf/cf diet. ...more

    Waldorf Wishes & Internet Dreams

    A day in the mind of a comp addicted nature friendly mum ...more

    Walk a Mile in My Issues

    Hi! Got kids with "issues"? Need a laugh, support, some long-term perspective ... or all of the above? That's what we're here for ... because we have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt ... and taken the anti-depressant! We're Martha and Ruth, and our sons (now in their 20s!) had so many issues growing up ... we spent many times crying at each other's kitchen table, and just as many making each other laugh. Our kids are now in their 20s and doing great! And if only we had had a little long-term perspective along the way .......more

    Walk On

    Walk On is designed to inspire women by looking into the past at those who have cleared the way for mankind and the progress that we all enjoy, but these women are practically unknown.  They set down fundamental building blocks that are the basis of many successes that humanity is enjoying today.   The series is called The Champions Who Walked Among Us and the highlight is on the achievements of these women....more

    Walk With Me

    Just a few years ago, I was a college student living the simple life. Mac and Cheese was my idea of a good dinner. Now, I'm married to the coolest guy I know, raising a precious one-year old boy and loving every minute of it. Join me here as I try to figure out how to balance homemaking, being a wife, as well as a mom, while still maintaining some sense of sanity....more

    Walker World

    Very real stories from a sometimes frazzles stay at home mom about our life with two daughters. ...more

    Walking Backwards

    A somewhat humorous look at the adventures life tends to throw my way.... Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, usually quite entertaining at least... Come, read, enjoy, but most of all, COMMENT:) ...more

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