Location Alabama United States See map: Google Maps WashingtonPharmGirl is a blog about the dirty underbelly of parenting, marriage, alcoholism, keeping up with the Joneses, and manic crafting.  I chronicle the giant move we made from Washington State to Alabama.  Culture shock, hijinx and meltdowns ensue.  I don't hold anything back.  I think sharing leads to caring and less comparing.  I am not perfect.  I burn food.  I blow it with my kids.  I pick up the pieces of my sometimes broken marriage.  All in all, I'm the American Dream.  But sleepier....more

    Waste Less Food

    Helping you use and re-use your leftovers and pantry items to save time and money!...more

    Wasting Nothing

    A busy mom strives to inspire her little ones to eat healthy organic foods, learn through interactive play, discover the arts and explore their world.  This blog offers a collection quick and easy ideas that work to get you cooking, playing, reading and laughing with your little one.  ...more

    Watch Me Move

    I'm a dancer, choreographer, fashion stylist. I never stand still. I feel that life is way to short and there is never enough hours in the day. i make visual moving pictures for you to enjoy and write about how it happens here....more

    Watch me! No, watch me!

    Organizing my thoughts because I'm not organizing much else, and because I am sure you will find me as endlessly fascinating as I find myself. ...more

    Watch My Butt Shrink! A Weight Loss Blog

    I'm on a journey to lose 100 pounds! Pull up a chair - it's sure to be an interesting trip. ...more

    Watch Out for Mama

    Watch Wallybat Run, Jump and Cycle

    Follow me on my journey trying to complete the Couch to 5k program as well as keep up with my other fitness goals....more

    Watching Clouds.....

    It's simply about me. About me getting used to life in the USA,especially Oklahoma since that's the State I live in. I write about everything that comes to my mind. I am pretty honest which isn't always a good thing. ...more

    Watching the Paint Dry: A Portrait of the Artist as a Real Mom

    I am an Artist, Writer and Mother of 2 girls. I share my art and my process here. ...more

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