My name is Fariba! I'm an Iranian American who grow up in Iran and have lived most of my adult life in the States. I'm a recipe developer, food blogger, and self-taught baker with many years of experience. Most of my early learning took place in my grandma and my mom's kitchen, where I developed a desire for baking traditional Persian/Iranian Pastry....more


    Quilts & Textile Arts ...more


    Musings about Quilting, Needle Felting, Knitting & artistic ramblings ...more

    Zsohars In Africa

    My African experience. ...more


    What is Zucchini Bieberini? Circa 1976 or so.. the original Zucchini Bieberini was invented by my mother, Jan Bieber, as a way to get the Bieber children to eat vegetables. This was in our Chef Boyardee beef ravioli with a big glass of Tang days. I like to think that Zucchini Bieberini, disgusting as it sounds now, was the inspiration for two of the three of us, including myself, eventually becoming vegetarians. We loved this stuff, seriously. All three of us have since aquired finer food appreciations.. you might even call them obsessions. ...more


    Aptly dubbed by the gossip columnist of her university's finest satirical newspaper, Sass writes brutally candidly about boys, bitches and bidness on zucket.com ...more

    Zwaggle Zlog

    Thinking Outside the Basement Box One of my most notable achievements is what’s in my basement: A box collection that is the envy of everyone who has ever moved. So if you’re in the military, or a part of a witness protection program that relocates you every time you blow your cover, I’m happy to give you a tour. The strange truth is that we’ve moved so much in the past two years that my husband has actually become attached to one box in ...more

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