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NGO BLOG VLOG For environmental justice and sustainable future

We at SHALIN ry are seeking for the best solution on setting up a blog and vlog- I have checked moveable type but I am lost in the jargon. I would like NGOs to blog with unique addresses like, anyone with ideas on how this can work? ...more


mamahog 'n the lets

mamahog 'n the lets the notebook of a cornish, usually happily single mum of twin girls living in istanbul. into free expression with colours, mess and words. and when i'm not doing my best to earn m ...more

Judy's Journal

Up to date information about Judith Martin's stitched artwork. ...more

Life is not a Dress Rehearsal

Ramblings of a newlywed-- trying to live life to its fullest in DC. I use to be boring-- all work and no play, now I am doing my best to have a blast. I also have a tendency to rant about randomness-- ...more


Working towards creating a Greener Miami. ...more

Reno and Its Discontents

Where Myrna the Minx leads other dedicated Reno urbanites in the arts of extreme navel-gazing and haughty self-importance. Ocassionaly, the city and its development are also discussed. ...more


Musings of a stay-home mom of 3, occasional freelance copyeditor, voracious reader, and enthusiastic cook. ...more


A diary about culinary attempts in the kitchen. Cooking and baking, recipes, cookbook reviews, gadgets and more. A very charming blog and a rich seam of German and English recipes. Sometimes fancy and then again natively. For all who like to eat, cook, bake and like to read about food. ...more


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