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A Librarian at Every Table

The blog for the Librarian at Every Table initiative. The central focus of this website and the LIBRARIAN-AT-EVERY-TABLE mailing list is to identify new tables at which librarians might take a place. ...more

OA Librarian

Open access resources by and for librarians ...more

Ancarett's Abode

* Professor of History * Technophile * Married mom of two * Blogging since 2001 ...more


A blog by Liz Losh: I think that digital rhetoric is especially important now that so many Americans rely on government websites as a source of information. ...more


Cheeky Prof

Cheeky Professor. Because there are such things as 'stupid questions.' 30-something | Northeasterner married | new home owner dog lover | Scorpio | social scientist pro-choice | ferret owner | angry liberal Czech | slightly neurotic | child free ...more

Russian Violets

I am a tenure-track professor in the Humanities at Dream School, and I am writing my dissertation at the same time. How is that for a glutton for punishment? ...more

La Lecturess

Recent Ph.D. now a lecturer at a large public university. Said job comes with a lot of grading, which this blog usually helps me to avoid. ...more

Eating an Elephant

A blog by HistGrad: One question which sums up the process of writing a dissertation: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I hesitate to count how long I have been in the writing phase of my dissertation, but the end is finally in sight. ...more

Happy Ending

sheepish: Reluctant academic dilettante melodramatic ...more

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