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Cruise the web with Webcroft

This blog is interesting for its links and illustrations. The author is a photographer and internet writer who is "addicted to Photoshop." ...more

Adventure Journalist

The Go-To Gals

The brains behind the boss: observations and rants from the world of work while trying to find our way "up front." ...more

Cham's Adventures and More

Right now nothing is tying me down, so I use my free time to hike, bike, see new sights and have incredible adventures. I reside in the Mid-Atlantic region so you might see many posts about that area. ...more

Vixenwriter - A Seduction in Words

I'm Lauren. I write. I complain. I celebrate and rejoice. I let my kids watch TV so I can update this blog. ...more

Who is Jule Ann?

Glimpses into Jule Ann's life. Sometimes deep, often silly. ...more

Needleworker not in Paradise

Keep on keepin' on

Club Jade

Club Jade is a primarily female organization dedicated to Star Wars and other related interests. We blog about Star Wars and 'related miscellany - fandom, film, books and TV. ...more


I'm an artist, writer, photographer & grad student living and working in Brooklyn NY with my boyfriend and our 2 cats. ...more

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