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Izzy's Moonshine

Daddy Dialectic: The Political Journal of a Dad-at-Home

Being a dad ain't what it used to be. Women have more choices than they did prior to the feminist movement, and that means that men also have more choices. My name is Jeremy. I'm a writer and media consultant, but mostly, I take care of my toddler Liko. "Daddy Dialectic" is the political journal of a mostly stay-at-home dad; it exists to publicly chronicle my efforts to be a decent father and husband, and maybe in the process help other dads explore options that lie beyond the standard, gendered division of family labor. ...more

Alison Wonderland

Scottish writer and children's illustrator living in France. Blogging with new illustrations and photos and an emphasis on nature and the unusual things that catch my eye. ...more

A Smeddling Kiss


a pureland buddhist, taking one step at a time..... ...more

Off Center Studio

My personal blog about my art, creativity, and other rambling thoughts! ...more


A Family Physician writes of her experiences and thoughts. Stories of patients, creative nonfiction writing, musings on issues in medicine, motherhood, life in general. ...more

arthritis rants

This is a blog where people can share their experience with arthritis. I also provide alot of links and many off-topic discussions. Stop by and leave a comment. ...more

A teenager's portal to all things fashion; from a self-proclaimed style obsessed, fashion savvy teen's point of view. ...more

School Librarian In Action

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