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Wire Monkey Mother

Unholy ranting, ill-informed musings, exhausted blathering, always with plenty of snark, stories of how we're not doing right by our child, and knitting. Welcome to the world of a liberal in the ston ...more

Deborah Woehr

Writing about my books, artwork, family, etc. ...more

Mother of the Year

Mother of the Year began as a contest with my sister and me. We recognized that as first time parents we did some pretty dumb things with our children yet they were no worse for the wear. We, on the other hand, felt like we were just the worst Mom's because of what had happened - and vowed to be better along the way. Everytime we did something worthy of noting, we would call one another to fess our tale. The Mother of the Year program has morphed into stories about the amazing and magical things that kids do, mine in particular. ...more

Here and There

Random musings about my wee chocolate business, cooking, gardening in season, my travels and other stuff when the spirit moves me. ...more


Lifescapes is my record of my writing life and the place where I live it. As a writer, I experience the natural world through my senses and translate those sensory experiences into words. "Lifescapes" is a way of recording those experiences, defining my self and my work in relation to the place where it happens. I see myself and my life in the context of the ecology of this place I in-habit, its particular beauties, its climate, its plants, its animals. I am concerned with issues of ecology and land use, with what is happening to the environment, and with our growing alienation from the natural world. Through all this and under all this, I am deeply interested in the idea of "place" itself, and how it arises from our search for "home." ...more


Saya opens door to the plethora of Indonesian Arts, Crafts, Jewelry, Fashion, Culture, Coffees and Teas. Saya is devoted to trading fairly with local artists, to supporting members of International Fair Trade Association, and to promoting small businesses in Indonesia. ...more


My endless quest for motherhood and the perfect 4-inch stilettos. With a little extra snark for good measure. This is where I keep my ramblings as they have gotten too numerous to store in my head. ...more

I am a 30-something writer living in the national capital of Canada – Ottawa, Ontario. I live with my cheese addicted cat Piper (aka the fake cat) and my CD addicted husband (aka the fake husband). Me? I’m the resident book addict.   ...more

Grendel's Kitchen

Colon Cancer Sucks Ass

I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in August 2005. This blog chronicles the chemotherapy treatments and side effects as well as my feelings about the experience and my attempts at continuing ...more

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