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Cheeky Prof

Cheeky Professor. Because there are such things as 'stupid questions.' 30-something | Northeasterner married | new home owner dog lover | Scorpio | social scientist pro-choice | ferret owner | angry liberal Czech | slightly neurotic | child free ...more

Russian Violets

I am a tenure-track professor in the Humanities at Dream School, and I am writing my dissertation at the same time. How is that for a glutton for punishment? ...more

La Lecturess

Recent Ph.D. now a lecturer at a large public university. Said job comes with a lot of grading, which this blog usually helps me to avoid. ...more

Eating an Elephant

A blog by HistGrad: One question which sums up the process of writing a dissertation: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I hesitate to count how long I have been in the writing phase of my dissertation, but the end is finally in sight. ...more

Happy Ending

sheepish: Reluctant academic dilettante melodramatic ...more

Geeky Mom

Raising children on nothing but brains and gadgets. ...more


Ms.PhD is an almost-30 year old postdoc in the biomedical sciences. ...more


Having been head of department for the better part of a year, Jill finds herself not simply settling into the job but actually enjoying it. This semester she's found time to do research and go to several conferences as well, and is closer to achieving that longed-for life/work balance, too. ...more

Emerging Communications

This is an academic blog in which I archive and comment on online material on CMC-related issues, and present my ideas for others to comment on. You will also find entries concerned with ICT pedagogy, which is another area of interest. Feel free to comment on anything you find here - it is always valuable to get feedback on one's work in progress! ...more

Stepping on Acorns

What is more satisfying than stepping on acorns? Not much. Crunch crunch. ...more

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