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Resources for online learners in technology, business, and design....more

Girl and Her SLR

Curious Traveler. Food Connoisseur. Photo Kid. A university student's blog about her travels, life as a photography editor, and food excursions....more

When Ship Happens

I am a girl who fell in love with cruising.  I am addicted... plain and simple.  This blog is my therapy :) I love to laugh and I like to tell it like it is ... which often gets me described as "sassy".  Something eventful always seems to happen to us.  Our stories always keep our friends and family in stitches... I figured I would start writing them down.  In my “real” life, I am a small town Texas girl....more

Wine-y Wife

A mix of snarky mommy meets mad kitchen scientist-without the smarty sciencey part, but with some really kick ass food! I love cooking and creating new things. I enjoy sharing those creations with other people....more

All Yoga All the Time

Its all yoga, all the time for me! Throughout my day - doing bodywork, teaching yoga, running a business, working in the garden, relaxing with friends and puppies in this beautiful state of New Mexico - my life is infused with yoga....more

The Lucky Penny Blog

Blogging about homemade and healthy food with an emphasis on paleo and primal recipes for paleo and non paleo eaters. The key to health is home cooking :)...more

Nomadic Chick

Jeannie Mark had a thriving corporate career, but longed for something more.  One day she pledged to change her life on a file folder.  In June 2010, she sold all her possessions and set out to see the world with only a backpack  and a dream.   Read her transformation from cubicle dweller to world traveler!...more


A collection of travel itineraries, bike trails, travel tips, beaches, music, events and travel recollections in the Philippines. ...more


ImNoHumdrum-Mum is about life, not just any life, but my own. My blog covers a wide range, because I have a thought on everything. My readers can find recipes, crafts, household tips, repurposing, inspiration and good laughs. I cover family life, a lot of mom life and I like to focus on the funny side of "things people never tell you." In the parenting world. ImNoHumdrum-Mum is a very open place, where you can unwind in my mental instantly....some would call them quirks. I just call it me....more

Sippy Cups and Booze

A blog about the life of a mother of eight boys. ...more

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