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Chocolate Moosey

Chocolate Moosey is a food blog where I create easy and creative recipes that are seasonal and trending. Although I spend most of my time concocting sweet treats, I also have an arsenal of simple dinner ideas that require minimal effort....more

Architecture of a Mom

In Architecture of a Mom, I try to find a balance between my work outside the home and my work inside the home, and try to stay sane in the meantime! I love sharing new recipes, crafts, as well as homemaking and parenting tips—all the things that build the architecture of this mom...more

Healthy Food For Living

Tikamika: Taste. Trek. Introspect.

From what I eat & where I travel to who I meet and how many times I fall on my face. This is my pursuit of foreign adventure....more

Hui the Yogini

Part nerd, part health-enthusiast... follow my daily foibles and adventures! Entertainment (hopefully) guaranteed :P ...more

Authentic Florida

Florida native Robin Draper is the owner of, a travel and lifestyle blog devoted to the simple and delightful pleasures for Florida living. Authentic Florida is intended to inspire discovery of the accessible, yet under-appreciated reaches of the state. The blog also invites readers to simplify – whether traveling, cooking, gardening, enjoying art and authors, homes & neighborhoods while discovering uncomplicated ideas for living. ...more

Finding the Skinny Geek Within

My struggle with losing weight and gaining some self confidence back in the process.  I'm also training to run, just in case Doctor Who comes calling or the zombie apocolypse happens.  I'll be ready either way!...more

Teespoon of Peace

Journey of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya....more

Eat Great BE Great

Eat Great BE Great is a lifestyle blog focusing on my personal experiences toward a healthy future.  I include fitness and healthy living tips, original recipes, my favorite food products, recipe reviews and much more.  I live by my motto: "Eating right and exercising for a healthy future," so I hope you'll join me on my journey!     ...more

Crème de la Craft

Crème de la Craft is a DIY blog where I share my craft tutorials and hope to inspire others to embrace creativity and add a touch of handmade flair to their lives. I especially love making projects that are "upcycled" from everyday objects you may already have around the house....more

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