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Learn about creative blogging. Information to personalize your blog. I am including information as I learn. For example... Customizing your header: add an image and Adding a Favicon are 2 recent posts. ...more


Portable Mind

Musings and observations on travel as I move through the world on business trip after business trip, with a few good tips on where to go in each location. ...more

You Already Know This Stuff

There is not too much new information in the universe - what's different is how it's packaged, and especially what we DO with what we KNOW. Get fresh perspectives on stuff you already know that will help you get from KNOWLEDGE to ACTION! ...more

Stories of Pregnancy & Birth over 44y

As of March 13/06, I have collected 1,760 stories. At least 90% of these stories pre-date the DE era of 1990, or were a complete surprise to the over 44y old mom-to-be. How can it be so rare, so impossible, such a miracle - when I can find so many??? ...more

Taste the World

Daily musings, ramblings and yammering from a confused 30-something. A blog about a struggling writer and her pile of dogs, shopping affair, coffee addiction, messy house, , and her attempt and figuring out what the heck is going on around here. ...more

Daily Mantra

A vibrant and happy blog, daily mantra strives to cover topics that bring delight, laughter and ...more


Vampituity- The ability to improvise in perpetuity!

Vampituity is the practice of improvising in perpetuity. It is a created word that represents the artistic, intuitive component of the practice of marketing. It's a noun, a verb, an adverb, a curse word even- if you're desperate. ...more

Gigi Goes Gaga

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