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Chatty Nataly

New to blogging, but loving every minute of it. Love infographics, video and writing articles about many things like social media, technology, health, environment, pets, TV shows, etc. I  have an opinion about almost everything !...more

Inspired by Life

hi, there! thanks for stopping by! i'm yolanda. a lover of food, travel and photography. my kitchen is my playground, my camera is the window to my soul, and exploring new things keeps me alive. i hope you have a pleasant time on my blog and find something that inspires you!...more


We love to share our latest crafty, knitting, sewing, diy projects and recipes with you....more


Secretly quitting my secret habit of secretly drinking and blogging for accountability as I go. Turns out I am not alone. There are many others who've also just quietly quit in their own way. Find out what we discover about ourselves and each other along the journey. Recovery is all around. ...more

CT Mommy Blog

Follow one Connecticut mom's journey with twin girls, do-it-yourself projects, food, travel and more....more

Will Cook For Friends

An adventurous food blog featuring a wide variety of from-scratch recipes, ranging from simple to complex. Includes cooking, baking, food science, humor, and insight....more

The Nautie Network

We are an inspirational platform dedicated to building a network of “No-Nonsense, Ambitious, Undeniably Talented, Intelligent, & Empowered” women. This is actually what the word ”NAUTIE” stands for.  Our mission is to provide tools that will help to inspire, motivate, and challenge women to overcome any obstacles in their path to focus on pursuing and achieving their dreams within the fashion, beauty, entertainment, and business world....more

The Way to His Heart

The Way to His Heart has evolved over the years, just as my family has. Really, it’s should be named, “The Way to Their Hearts.” This blog contains some original recipes by myself, family members, and some great recipes I’ve found along the way. Really, the blog is about showing love through food. Nothing pleases me more than to feed my friends and family good food. I love food and being married to a man who loves to eat, but is picky, has made me really want to try new things to broaden his horizons....more

Amuse Your Bouche

Amuse Your Bouche is a light-hearted food blog focusing on simple vegetarian recipes....more

Ambitious Kitchen

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