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TFS Magnum

An Oxymoron Is Not An Idiot With Zits

Congratulations. You have stumbled into the realm of the Certifiable Princess. I am a Jewess woman, late 30's, full-figured and I love to travel and... Wait. This isn't J-Date, is it? Oops. ...more

the adventures of dr. diana

Dr. Diana Blaine is a PhD philosopher, writer, adventurer, bon vivant and buttkicker. She's read and studied how gender dynamics function in our culture, and here on this website, she holds forth on these issues. Her research focuses on sex and death, and she's currently interested in breasts. But then again who isn't? ...more

Megan and Murray

Megan and Murray are video, performance and installation artists in Los Angeles. ...more

We'll Know When We Get There

Mrs. Mogul

30-Something Pisces native New Yawker living in London with her English husband plus a cute baby boy. Having worked for a major movie studio, co-founded a film festival, and slaved as a music publicist I am pretty jaded but I still love this crap. ...more

That Was Zen, This Is Tao

That Was Zen, This Is Tao is a journey in haiblog -- brief, crisp prose in the tradition of Basho and the Way of Haikai -- made fresh for the modern urban dweller. One part personal journal, one part queer/trans activist literature, and one part artistic exploration, my blog provides a thoughtful alternative to the standard Internet noise and brings Zen-like focus, one click of tea at a time. ...more

colouring outside the lines

a glimpse into the process and results of a working artist, with personal anecdotes, quirky art links, humour and other stuff thrown in for good measure ...more

Emotion Creator

Emotion Creator - one who executes an idea through writing, poetry, filmmaking & editing, gardening, painting, drawing, reading, patting the cat named Missy Two Shoes, hula hooping, p ...more

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