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Pomegranate Queen

Pomegranate Queen describes herself as "a Revolutionary Other; Desert Woman; certified social anthropologist; 'starving' musician/writer/poetess; (secular) b-girl muslima; striving for imperfection; and at times, a walking contradiction..." ...more

Art Esprit

Home of artist, designer and writer Lisa Vollrath, this blog is updated weekly with new how-to articles, gallery images, and general information about mixed media art. ...more

Oh Look, Krill!

Thoughts, inane ramblings/rants and musings of a young woman from a tiny red dot of an island. ...more

Women's Lunch Talk

You Think: Women deserve to be treated equally with men in the working world. It takes a few years before you realize you would be progressing more rapidly if you were a man. It's naave to assume the situation is improving-in fact, it's wrong to assume the situation is improving at all. ...more

Nancy Clark
CEO Link TextWomensMedia - For Working ...more

Dr. Gwenn Is In Blog


Kimchi Mamas

Kimchi Mamas is a collaborative blog written by mothers of Korean descent and mothers intimately connected with Korean culture in some way. We also write our own blogs: Link TextCharlie and Nina ...more

The sewing cat (le chat qui coud)

A sewing, knitting and brodering mum...... from belgium! ...more


Queercents is a personal finance blog serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The site aggregates financial tips from the distinct writings of three established money bloggers: Dawn Cadwell, Caitlin Dean and Nina Smith. ...more

Reformed Chicks Blabbing

This is a group blog of Reformed women who look at life through the lens fo Scripture. We look at what is going on around us, in our own life or in the news and we comment on it. ...more

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