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An unexamined life...

Words, no rhymes, poetic sometimes nonetheless. ...more

Heat. Eat. Review.

AgentFour eats at work and reports back to you on the findings. We'll save your tastebuds and remind you that nobody likes the coworker who reheats fish in the microwave. ...more

Aw, Peeps!

Once it's out, there's not getting it back in the tube. I dunno, this blog is funny and shit. ...more

Back To Me

My Little Life

My name is Jerusalem and this is my life in blog form. Among other things it chronicles all the reasons why my laundry isn't getting done... (Also, aren't you a little curious to see what a Jerusalem ...more

The Bliss Quest

The Bliss Quest is a search for my Holy Grail. Joseph Campbell referred to the Holy Grail and the Grail mythologies as the "Search for self." An inscription above the door at the Oracle at Delphi translated into "Know thyself, know thy place." ...more

Planet of the Aprilles

This blog centers mostly on my travel and culinary adventures. ...more

Eve's Ramblings

Another blog of mine ...more

Eve's Diaries

Just some random thoughts of a middle-eastern woman ...more

Wendy Knits

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