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Thoughts from the Waiting Room

The day to day thoughts of an opinionated, defiant and sarcastic adjunct professor. At the end of the day, I often ask "What the hell are they thinking?" ...more

Dr. Mom, My Adventures as a Mommy-Scientist

Discussion of PhD Mom's journey from grad school to postdoc to faculty member with two kids and a husband in tow. ...more

Quod She

Dr. Virago is an academic adjusting to life in a medium sized rust-belt town that's seen better days, after 15 years in REALLY BIG cities. ...more

Disgruntled Julie: A PhD in Progress

It's not glamorous, it's not exciting, and it's certainly not easy. It's the life of a biomedical graduate student (aka laboratory slave) pursuing a degree in oncology. After 6 to 7 years of hard work, long hours, lots of stress, and proper protein-binding and structural conformation changes, the frazzled, confused, overwhelmed graduate student earns those three little letters and becomes the mad scientist. Welcome to the PhD process. I used to enjoy lots of activities, like horseback riding, fencing, lacrosse, religiously following the Steelers, playing french horn, studying political science, reading, etc. Now, as an oncology PhD student, all I do is go to class, slave away in the lab (to do list: cure cancer), or sit in the library and study. And from time to time, that leaves me feeling pretty disgruntled. ...more

A Sense of Wonder

married thirtysomething scientist-turned-teacher-turned-hybrid seeks forum for random thoughts and academic anxieties and joys. Oh, and a tenure-track gig. ...more

Inky Circus: Life in the Girl Nerd World

We are three science journalists living in London and trying to start a magazine. A science magazine for women. Mostly. It is hard and sometimes makes us want to cry. So we made this. ...more

Minor Revisions

Post-doc is 27, has a PhD, is in the first year of a post-doctoral research fellowship, and does biomedical research in the engineering-esque realm. ...more

Crunchy Granola


Terminal Degree

I'm a freelance musician and accidental adjunct, trying to have a social life along with paying the rent. ...more

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