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Soon to be post college woman in the midwest, trying to decide what to do with her life. ...more

BlogWrite For CEOs

Debbie Weil's blog on the topic of corporate and senior executive blogging. BlogWrite is ranked #8 in a list of the top 25 most influential authorities on business blogging (according to a recent stud ...more

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Manic Mommies

Manic Mommies is the podcast and blog of Erin & Kristin, two working moms whose friendship flourished through repeated Saturday play dates. Trying to juggle careers, children, husbands, and housework, the thirty-something mothers often found themselves off in a corner at neighborhood events, discussing technology and their jobs in public relations and advertising. It wasn't long before Erin suggested "doing a podcast." And it was shortly thereafter that Kristin designed the Web page. She's redesigned it more than fifteen times since. ...more


Coaching for Lesbians

Coaching for Lesbians offers tips, tools, and resources to inspire lesbian business owners and professionals to achieve more success without burnout and compromise. It is brought to you by The Paula G. Company ...more

Tips and tools to inspire us to achieve more success without burnout or ...more


Shpikles (Yiddish for nervous energy) is a collection of humor, kvetches and rants from a nice Jewish girl. ...more


I primarily write about myself and what happens to me and hope that maybe someone somewhere will relate to something I say. I write about personal issues, annoyances, and enjoyments. I write about my family, friends, boyfriend. I write about food and fitness (or lack of), travel, body parts, sex, and sometimes pop culture. Basically whatever I feel like. Hopefully others can enjoy that! ...more

Soul Blessings

Music and Cats

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