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Natalie Jost

I blog mostly about web design since that's what I do, but I also happen to love Jesus a whole lot so sometimes I like to talk about how He's changed my life. ...more



A writer's personal blog. In San Francisco. With lotsa stuff about being Asian American, and multiracial, and a woman. Also lotsa stuff about writing, cliches, and being terrified. And cat pictures (m ...more

Jag saker job

I'm the English Reference Librarian at a state university. This is my personal blog, where I discuss both my personal life and interests and professional issues. ...more

Siryn's Song

x ...more

Portuguese Blogosphere from NY

Hi, I'm Neuza, and I am a little bit nervous about being your guide on a weekly stroll through the Portuguese blogospHERe. But I promise to do my best! I'm a Brazilian living in the U.S., and coincidentally or not have been recording my daily life online for nearly three years now, ever since I left my native habitat in Sao Paulo so far behind. ...more


I'm a mom, a student, a nurse, an American Indian, a person, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a cyclist, a blogger, a lover not a fighter. ...more

bliu blog

just the thoughts and dreams of a blithe pixelgirl :: designing, dining, and crafting. ...more


Time's Fool

I am 56, divorced, basically happy, and on a perpetual journey. My blog, Time's Fool, has taken on its own voice, which is largely spiritual, introspective, quirky, and about interrelatedness. Then of course it is also about silly birds, roadside statuary, things missing, things found, days in the desert and indefinable longings. ...more

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