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Yay Toast (and all things good)!

The daily observations and reflections of a 31 yo single woman straddling university life, the occasional man and surburbia. ...more

Ever Increasing Entropy

Caitlyn Martin's personal blog about life, the universe, and everything. Warning: left leaning political commentary included. Linux and geek stuff included. ...more

Enjoy and Exciting

Chicago girl muses about pop-culture, politics, her job and her rapidly dwindling personal life. ...more

Too Much Free Time

Freakgirl and Max watch a lot of TV, and we're going to tell you about it. ...more


Blogging TV, one show at a time. ...more

Ruthie In The Sky

I hitchhike all over North America and never behave. I have a wild heart but will shoot a smug attitude at point-blank range. I'm Ruthie Rader and I write "Ruthie In The Sky." ...more

Belly Tales

A blog chronicling the adventures of an intrepid student midwife, with a hearty dose of opinions, thoughts and news on midwifery, birth, pregnancy, feminism, politics and women's health thrown in for good measure. ...more

Exploring the Silver Spoon

Solarkat's Eco Blog

Pushing String

XmlGrrl Eve Maler writes about XML, digital identity, and other topics at Pushing String. ...more

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