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Anne's Food

This is a food blog written by a Swedish young woman in Stockholm. It has lots of recipes and talk about food, and great photos! The food varies - everything from cookies and desserts to healthy dishes, and often with a Scandinavian twist. ...more

Ajay's Writings on the Wall

Personal weblog of Annalyn S. Jusay, gadget reviewer and blog columnist of the Manila Bulletin newspaper in the Philippines. Travel, beauty, technology, parenting, media, movies, music ... name it, I'll write about it. ...more

Library Web Chic

A blog by Karen A. Coombs: There are lots of web design and technology resources available on the Internet. However, most of these are geared to the traditional web designer and provide no discussion or view point from the application of web design and technologies to libraries. This site is meant to be a resources for librarians (and maybe others) who are interested in the application of web design and technologies in libraries. ...more


ResearchBuzz is designed to cover the world of Internet research. To that end this site provides almost daily updates on search engines, new data managing software, browser technology, large compendiums of information, Web directories -- whatever. If in doubt, the final question is, "Would a reference librarian find it useful?" If the answer's yes, in it goes! ...more

Librarian Avengers

I'm Erica Olsen. I am a librarian. Of course, saying "I am a librarian" is like saying "Please, remove $80,000 from my paycheck" so I'm actually a User Interface Designer. Try and keep the librarian thing between you and me. ...more

My name is Jessamyn West and I'm a rural librarian, among other things. I started this site in April 1999 when I found the URL available as I was doing vaguely work-oriented stuff at the reference desk of the community college I worked at in Seattle. I've always had things I wanted to tell and show people online and the nascent blog became the way to do that. I've worked in many libraries since, and while my interests have evolved, I don't think they've changed terribly much. I love libraries because I believe they are a true manifestation of the public sphere in the US. They are a place where people can read what they want, be who they are, and inform themselves about what interests them. ...more

A Librarian at Every Table

The blog for the Librarian at Every Table initiative. The central focus of this website and the LIBRARIAN-AT-EVERY-TABLE mailing list is to identify new tables at which librarians might take a place. ...more

OA Librarian

Open access resources by and for librarians ...more

Ancarett's Abode

* Professor of History * Technophile * Married mom of two * Blogging since 2001 ...more

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