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Write From Karen

Good lord, you REALLY want to know about me?? Seriously? I'm not very exciting, in fact, I can see your eyes glazing over right now as we speak. Well okay, here goes I'm a 20, 30, 40 something year old woman with too much time on my hands. I enjoy visiting online porn sites and blogging about shocking circumstances. I also enjoy ranting uncontrollably about stupid people and use enough four letter words you could line your entire home with my profanity. HAHAHA, did you fall for that?? Did you perk up for just an instance and think, "Well ALL RIGHT!" ...more

Golden Practices

Golden Practices is written by Michelle Golden, President and CEO of Golden Practices, Inc. a marketing and organization consultancy. She blogs about ideas, tips and best practices for and from professional service firms. ...more

Motherhood Uncensored

This ain't your typical mommy blog. Daily updated personal essays on boobs, breastfeeding, and all things mother with a humorous twist for moms, dads, and anyone who likes to laugh. It's honest, real, and darn funny. No more Mrs. Nice Mom. Join me as I revolutionize the mommy blog. ...more

odd time signatures

The Blythe Spirit

I'm a recently-returned former American expat, working mom, and eighties music fan.  Also, I like to read and eat guacamole. ...more

Tololy's Box

x ...more

Kaguya Hime Nikki

The world of Japanese and pan-Asian culture seen through the eyes of lib arts major with an Asian History Emphasis. A healthy dash of scholarly observations, some personal reflections, and your standa ...more

Column 2

Discussions on business process management, enterprise architecture, business intelligence, and the applications of technology in business. Currently hosted by on the site with other integra ...more

Writes for Chocolate

Patti is first and foremost addicted to chocolate: a full-time mom, wife, family administrator, referee to two spirited boys and part-time substitute teacher who stays just this side of sanity by writing it all down. Fueled by chocolate and coffee, strong opionions and a little craziness can be found within. ...more

Lucy's Spleen

Lucy's Spleen: a shimmering pearlized formula with rich conditioners for a luxuriously creamy lather. ...more

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