Networking: How to Do It & Why It's Important

The top questions about networking tends to be, “How do I increase my followers on Facebook/Twitter/etc.?”

A few months ago, I received an email from a fellow blogger asking how my Facebook following had increased so quickly.

This is a question bloggers receive very frequently. And it’s a good one! To be honest, most of us don’t have a single clue what we’re doing. We experiment and see what works and doesn’t work (or takes too long to work). So I sent her a list of things that I’d done that I thought was helping me.

Once I finished answering the email, though, she seemed disappointed by what I had to say. Much of what I told her required work. This all happened around November/December. It will be June in a couple days. She never made any of the changes and her blog hasn’t grown an inch.

Being a “freelance” blogger doesn’t mean you can just sit in your pajamas all day (though it is a perk), write your posts, and be done. As a fellow blogger once put it, “Blogging is a team sport.” I’ve never heard anything so true about blogging. You have to reach out to other bloggers. You’ll get nowhere if you’re not willing to cooperate with others.

Where do you even start? It’s more difficult to figure that part out when you’re new to blogging. So here are some of the things that can help a new blogger get out there, get seen, and make some bloggy friends. (Note: these aren’t the only ones that exist. They’re the ones I’ve done that have worked pretty well.)


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