Networking for Introverts at #BlogHer15

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Are you an introvert getting ready for #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us?

While crowds can be overwhelming for introverts and extroverts alike, the annual BlogHer conference is well equipped to support all personality types and make this your best BlogHer ever!

Networking for Introverts at #BlogHer15

I'm not an introvert, but sometimes I think I might be raising one. It's still too soon to tell, as she is only six and is the somewhat-confusing outgoing type of introvert, if one at all.

I am all the way at the extrovert side of the personality spectrum, so it has taken me a bit to adjust to raising a kid with introvert tendencies. Over time, I've realized that these two personality types are really just about energy. Though she and I might both be the life of the party, she will need quiet time at home after, and I often want to keep the party going because I have a bit of an enthusiasm problem.

With the right planning and self-awareness (which introverts are known for), introverts can have an incredibly successful #BlogHer15 and leave just as exhausted as the extroverts. Because everyone will be exhausted after three days of networking, friends, parties, and content. Introverts certainly won't be alone in that.

Travel Days Are Draining

Travel is draining for even the most frequent traveler. For introverts, this exhaustion is often intensified. Plan for that; plan to recharge. Arrive early to the hotel and hide out for a bit.

You will have plenty of time to meet up with friends and meet new people. You don't want to start the conference overwhelmed. Start slow. Recharge first; recharge often.

Let Your Business Cards Do The Work For You

Planning ahead to network efficiently is a good tip for anyone, but especially introverts. Business cards with all your information and even a one-sheet media kit can help you start a conversation or even save you from a conversation you need to step out of by offering to take it online where you may be more comfortable. At a blogging conference, you are not alone in feeling more comfortable online. This is always okay.

Be a Planner

While extroverts can float around absorbing the energy from crowds and sessions, introverts need a plan. After a recharge, you'll want to use your energy wisely.

The #BlogHer15 app can help you plan your schedule with the breaks you need. Sitting at the front of a room for sessions will allow you to meet other bloggers without the impact of a large crowd.

BlogHer Speed Dating Is an Introvert Requirement

Introverts hear "speed dating" and may want to run back to their hotel rooms. It's okay. We know. BlogHer Speed Dating is for you, I promise.

This year, we've moved Speed Dating from two giant circles of business card exchanges to smaller round tables for a more intimate discussion of expertise. Here, you will share your expertise, exchange cards, and meet other bloggers who may end up being your friends for life.

You Don't Have to Be In the Crowd to Work the Crowd

Because there are so many people at BlogHer conferences, introverts can make time to be alone without feeling alone. You will not be the only one hiding in your room to get a few minutes to yourself, and you can use this time to network online.

No time at #BlogHer15 is wasted time. Twitter is a great way to connect with other #BlogHer15 introverts, brands, and friends.

Know Your Limits and Stick to Them

As an enthusiastic extrovert, I sometimes push my introvert friends beyond their limits. I just get super-excited. About everything. They love me for it until I've convinced them to stay at a party too long or won't ever stop talking.

Know your limits and don't let an enthusiastic extrovert push you too far. If you start to feel overwhelmed, find the time and space to recharge your energy so you can be more present when you're ready to come back. That's way better, anyway. We all want your best self.

The annual BlogHer conference is a space for introverts and extroverts to network, be inspired, and be their best selves. Download the app, connect on Twitter and in the Official BlogHer Facebook group, and make a plan to make this your best BlogHer yet!


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